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hello steemit garden friends how are you all, I hope you are all fine, if someone is sick, I hope you get well soon.

on this occasion I would like to introduce myself to this great community, I hope my friends in this community accept me wholeheartedly.

ok buddy introduce my name is irwandisamudra my steemit account name is also @irwandisamudra, i live in aceh province, indonesia,

I've been playing steemit for half a year, I also joined several other communities, because I don't have the power of steem, I don't have enough support, hopefully this community accepts me with my limitations, if one day I have steem I will delegate it to the community this is so that this community can continue to support newcomers like me, hopefully this community will grow rapidly,




I have several hobbies, namely adventure, pencak silat, sports and also farming, plants that I like like flowers and bonsai, bonsai is an art of life that never ends in painting, enjoying the beauty of bonsai requires extraordinary patience, to produce beautiful bonsai. Takes a long time, the new bonsai looks beautiful and charming.


these are some of my bonsai collections,





the reason why I and other people like bonsai ..?
because the art of bonsai is a place for someone to express likes, hobbies. Through art, a person is able to express all the feelings that are in his heart. In a state of being bored, happy, angry, annoyed, all of that is contained in an art, where the art will later become a culture that is very well known and proud and deserves to be preserved. anything can be created, whatever it is. Like a tree, why can it become a small and nice bonsai so that it makes the eye interested to see it.

this happens because the tree is cared for so that the tree does not always grow and damage. By being dwarfed and diligently cutting every 3 months and making creative shapes, the tree that was originally just an ordinary tree becomes an art that has a beautiful appeal.

Enough of my introduction on this occasion, I hope we become one family who cares for each other.

I thank the admin, curators and moderators, and also to all my other friends, good luck always, see you in the next post.

° regards : @irwandisamudra🙏

° 📷 Camerasamsung galaxy A50
LocationAceh, indonesia



Bienvenido amigo, los bonsai son muy hermosos, especiales para decorar oficinas o nuestros hogares, feliz día!

Welcome friend, the bonsai are very beautiful, special to decorate offices or our homes, happy day!

thank you very much for your attention pal, do you also like bonsai ..??

Si amigo aquí en mi país son costosos y los venden en pequeños porrones para decorar me gustaría tener uno en mi hogar🤗

If my friend here in my country they are expensive and they sell them in small jars to decorate, I would like to have one in my home🤗

welcome to the Steemit Garden community, your introduction is amazing, very complete and very creative👍👍👍

Thank you for your attention and thank you for taking the time to comment on my post, good luck.

 2 months ago 

Hi irwandisamudra...
Selamat datang di komunitas ini, semoga anda nyaman berada disini,
Saya sangat suka bonsai dan juga foto anda,
Semoga sukses dan kami sangat menantikan postingan anda selanjutnya.

Terima kasuh atas perhatiannya kak, terima kasih juga telah meluangkan waktu untuk mengomentari postingan saya, saya akan berusa untuk menampilkan yang terbaik pada postingan selanjutnya, salam sukses kak.🙂🙂

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