CLUb75 || Users Improve Post Quality || Guidance about New Curation Teams!

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Hello and Greetings Everyone I wanted to improve the quality of the posts in the Steemit-Garden Community. Thus for this purpose, first I started posting and then I asked my Community members to improve their post quality. Many members wanted to improve the quality of their posts but had no idea and needed guidance.



  • Vote on other's posts.
  • Interact with others through comments.
  • Align your post.
  • Don't put the enlarged image in the title. (512x512 image size)
  • There must be at least 4-5 lines in one paragraph.
  • Text should be Visible
  • Paste the YouTube link to embed any youtube video. No need to put Screenshots.
  • (video to gif convertor) \ Rotator and much more.
  • Go to Steemit URL, change the steemit in the URL to steemd. This way you can see the code/markdowns of the post. (Best way to learn markdowns).
    For tables
Image 1Image 2
Desc 1Desc 2
  • Use for the location
  • The first image of your post becomes the thumbnail for the post. Don't put dividers in the first image. try to use images in landscape mode and not full mobile screens.
  • We are focusing on our delegation to self-sustain. Delegate us @hive-180821 and grow with us.
  • Use Relevant tags to get the curator's support.
  • Explore other's posts and communities. It would benefit you in many ways.
  • Visit different communities, observe their styling, write posts there, engage with them and learn from their codes through steemd technique.
  • Don't panic. If it is meant for you, it will be yours. Trust in Allah and keep working smart!



As per my understanding, pictures speak louder than words lol xD So designed a table for all of you to understand how these new curation teams are going to work and what they ask you to give you support. I hope the below image will help you understand what is required and get you better support.


I hope the above guide will help you in getting better support from all over people on Steemit and from the Curation teams as well as the Steemit team. And then from us, The Steemit-Garden Team for sure.


Yours, Allah Nawaz.
Steemit-Garden MOD.
Steem On!

 2 years ago 

Useful tips for our community members! Thank you very much for your post. Be sure to add a clause about joining the #club5050!!!

 2 years ago 

A very important post. We should all focus on creating quality posts.

 2 years ago 

Thank you so much for your information.

Thank you very much for giving us a very nice guide which is very useful for us and I really like it

 2 years ago 

Thanks you so much @allahnawaz03 for this information. It is really educating

 2 years ago 

Best post friend, good job👍🥳

 2 years ago 

Is a very useful guide thanks for the information

 2 years ago 

👍👍👍 thanks

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