Pastor Charged With Sex Trafficking Using Underage Girls 😡

in Atheismlast year

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Reverend Randolph Brown, who runs the Inner-City Missionary Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio, was arrested by a local human trafficking task force and indicted on two counts of compelling prostitution. The date of the alleged offense was in August of 2018, so there was nearly a year and a half between that initial action and the arrest. (A woman, Joyce Richmond, was also arrested in connection with this incident.) Brown was indicted on two counts of compelling prostitution.

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Source: Ohio Pastor Charged With Running Sex Trafficking Ring Using Underage Girls
Location: Ohio, USA

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This is good news. Many use religion as cover to perpetrate their evil.

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As you suggest, parents of those underage girls should also be investigated. Unless we are talking about orphans or girls brought from other states or countries.
It is beyond me why an adult would allow a religious leaders to have unsupervised access to minors.
I hope whoever is involved in this ring pays for their crimes.
I agree with you that christian morality does little to deter these kinds of crimes (or any criminal act for that matter). To say I repent and receive Jesus as my savoir is the easiest thing to do and ironically criminals who do that everyday are never punished by God's omnipotence

All sexual abuse of children should be punished with all the rigor of the law. And for the God's servant, even more strictly.

Some people are disgusting!

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He said, 'Stop doing wrong things and turn back to God! The kingdom of heaven is almost here.'(Matthew 3:2)

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