Steemit Iron Chef Community Update : #MAKEITNICE / #MAKEITEASY - Our Motto now on!!! Check out our updated rules and guidelines!

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Greetings of the day everyone!

I hope you are all doing great and enjoying the SIC community!

After the recent changes we brought to the community, I still had to update our community rules and guidelines which I finally did just some time ago!

In the past, SIC was mainly meant for cooking contests and I think we have crossed that time now and progress in the community!

That's why I decided to make it easy for everyone to come and post and encourage them to make it nice!

#makeitnice / #makeiteasy : Our Motto!

So far it has been great since we started and our members are understanding what we are looking for from them!

With some more time, things will get even better and we will get a lot of amazing foodie posts all's just a matter of time!

For now let me share the updates we did on our community page for your information...

Community Description

Steemit Iron Chef is a foodie community where you can post your food/beverage post everyday while making others to learn something from your posting!

We started with the successful launch of Steemit Iron Chef cooking contest, and then rolled on different contests/challenges in 2021 and then beginning of 2022, we kept on improving, creating and progressing to higher levels!

And as from now on...we decided to #makeitnice and #makeiteasy for all the top food authors of Steemit

From time to time you will also find some contests happening in here, stay tuned for these!

Grow with us, learn the techniques with top foodies, earn from different rewards available and improve your overall blog!

Posting something irrelevant in SIC or plagiarizing in our community will have you muted without warning!

Keep this foodie community clean and top level always!

Rules of SIC


We only have couple of rules that we expect our members to respect...nothing complicated!

  1. Please, only high quality posts with top food photography will be accepted/supported in SIC.
  2. Plagiarism will be banned without any notice - We mean business here!
  3. Contents and food photos from the internet are not allowed - You will be banned if caught.
  4. Any other language than English is accepted, provided you make the translation available on your post.
  5. Commenting and supporting each others post will give you more chances of getting curated and earn higher payouts!
  6. In our community it is only if you wish to put @steemit-ironchef as post beneficiary, no one will force you to put it! Thanks in advance to those contributing to our growth!
  7. All our contests are open for all...but please note that club members will always have higher chances of getting nominated for booming support.
  8. Booming votes are not guaranteed, and as long as we have it our way, we will continue giving them to the best posts of the day.
  9. Quality first!!!
  10. Make us learn something new from your postings...

So here we are friends, the latest updates for everyone to know where we are heading to!

In a big picture, we are looking at making SIC a community where we have only top foodie posts where the author is free to write without many difficult rules to respect!

It's all made for the top foodies of Steemit and I think we must keep building this community up to be able to keep supporting each other!

Thanks for reading and wish you a wonderful day/evening ahead!

If anything is not clear, kindly ask me in the comments section below!

Best Regards!

 2 years ago 

Hola amigo @progressivechef estoy de regreso. Por motivos de culminar mis estudios tuve que ausentarme un tiempo. Espero continuar siendo parte de esta hermosa comunidad. Un abrazo a todos sus mienbros.

Hello friend!
I'm @steem.history, who is steem witness.
Thank you for witnessvoting for me.
please click it!
(Go to and type fbslo at the bottom of the page)

 2 years ago (edited)

Really good decision and absolutely right decision . I am always trying to share absolutly new and unique post on steemit iron chef community as per the rules .I will always do it. Thanks a lot friend .your good step will be strong , neat and clean of Steemit iron chef community .As a member of SIC, I am very happy .thank you.

 2 years ago 

Excelente muchas gracias 👌 ahora sí ya tenemos bases para hacer cada día mejores publicaciones para la comunidad que inviten a los demás con ver las fotografías y publicaciones a participar.
Saludos ☺️

 2 years ago 

Hola amigo saludos, me alegra saber que tienes nuevas iniciativa para mantener y conservar la calidad de las publicaciones en esta excelente comunidad.

Pero tengo duda en que debería publicar y me gustaria que me apoyaras aclarar mis dudas

 2 years ago 

Mis mejores deseos de éxitos 🙏

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