STEEMIT IRON CHEF ACT 1 ROUND 03 : Contest now open!!! 25 STEEM to win this week + Grand Reward Pool at 58 STEEM already and growing!

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Hello Hello amazing foodies of Steemit World!!!

I hope you all had a great week and ready for the weekend coming up!

Well ladies and gents...the moment you have all been waiting for has finally arrived!!!

It's time for me to kick off the 3rd Round of Steemit Iron Chef 2021 Act 1!!!

But before that, let me thank all the 97 participants who sent an entry into the second round!

It is actually a new record in the history of Steemit Iron Chef!

Never in the history of Steemit Iron Chef we've received so many entries!

Thanks so much for the amazing support and willingness to participate each week and progress together!

What is Steemit Iron Chef all about!???

In a big picture, SIC is a unique type of cooking contest which will be run each week till the end of year (2 ACTS of 15 rounds), and the theme will be based on a single different product each week, which I select and reveal on Fridays!!!

The participants have to sublimate that particular product in either a Starter or Main Course or Dessert!

On top of weekly prizes (25 STEEM), the contestants are ranked on a league thanks to points that they get depending on their weekly results and they are eligible to get a share of the BIG REWARD POOL at the end of each ACT!

This pool is actually held in the liquid steem wallet of @steemit-ironchef!

From time to time, I exchange my SBDs earned and send back to grow that pool + contributions + donations from foodies around. Each round the pot grows bigger!

We started at 16.7 STEEM for the first round and now we are already over 58 STEEM!!!

If you need more info about SIC, kindly check my blog or send me a message on our Discord Channel or here in the comments section!

Without losing too much time, let me reveal the theme/product for the second round of the first act of Steemit Iron Chef 2021!


The mysterious product for you to work on for the third round is....TAAADAAAAHHHH!!!


Image Source

After the vegetable theme of the last week, it's time to check the creativity of our contestants and what they come up with apples as the product of the week!!!

All you have to do is simply sublimate/elevate/transform this beautiful product, which is easily available everywhere in the world!

Before anyone asks, let me clarify that you can use any variety of apples, be it Red Delicious, McIntosh, Golden (or Yellow) Delicious, Gala, Granny Smith, Fuji, Braeburn, Pink Lady, Honeycrisp, Empire, etc...

As in any contest, we need to set some rules to get things going in the right direction!

  • You will have to create a post and title your entry 'Steemit Iron Chef 2021 Act 1 Round 03 : Name of your dish' and post in the SIC community only!
  • Make either a starter or main course or dessert with the product of the week!
  • Only one entry per person is allowed.
  • Make sure to use #steemit-ironchef as your first tag, so that I don't miss your entry!
  • Only new recipes will be accepted, so I will need minimum one photo with your name and date on it.
  • I don't need to see your step by step preparations/recipes or pictures of you... just make the list of the products used, describe your dish and add some photos to get my attention! Make it sweet and simple!!!
  • Post a link of your entry on the announcement post and also share your entry on our discord channel - Steemit Iron Chef Discord Channel!
  • Sharing your post on Twitter using the tag Steemit and Steemitironchef is not mandatory, but very much appreciated.

The below is a newly added rule...please make sure to respect it:

Don't mention Steemcurator01, any other curators and myself when writing your posts please!!!
Check this post to understand why you should not mention!

The DEADLINE for submission is Friday 4th of June 2021 at 10.00am UTC!

Any participant not following these simple rules will be considered a non valid entry.

Be the most creative , inventive and refined possible, you'll win a lot of points...

Please make an effort my friends and write some quality post with top quality photos...sending low quality ones will only give you little points and missed out some nice rewards!

How entries will be marked???

For you guys to get an idea of how I will judge the entries, here is the evaluation sheet that I will use for each and every participant!

Please note that I will be the only one judging all the entries based on my 19 years career/experience as a professional Chef.

Weekly Prizes in STEEM!!!

Below are the prizes that will be distributed to the top 7 each week!

In case someone else wishes to grow the pot or contribute in a way or another, please reach out to me!


The total points earned each week by the contestants (see table above) will be sent on the below table to make the rankings of the Steemit Iron Chef 2021 ACT 1 League!

The one getting the most of points will top the league at the end of the First Act which comprises of 15 weeks/rounds!

The more consistent someone is in participating, the better chance to top the league!




Anyone having their name on the it the on the first or the last position...will receive a portion of the Grand Reward Pool!


The grand reward pool is saved on the @steemit-ironchef wallet(Liquid Steem) and we are already over 58 STEEM!

Each week I will be adding some more depending on how much I am earning on my posts from my two blogs!

It would be great if everyone can send whatever amount they can to grow this pot before the end of the 15 first rounds!

FYI in 2017...the pool distributed to 20 participants was 1005 STEEM!!!

Can we break that record!? Hmmm with your support...YES!!!

Important Notice

By participating in Steemit Iron Chef, you give me the right to use your food photos for public announcement/promotions on different social media platforms!

Image Source


Good luck everyone...Looking forward to discover your creative entries!

If you need any more info just ask me here or on the discord channel of Steemit Iron Chef!!!



Buenísimo espero seguir participando

I hope you get the time to participate again my friend. Wish you well!
Happy Sunday!

Muchas gracias amigo, es un placer participar en este concurso.

Let's get creative with apples🍏

Absolutely my friend...creativity is key to success in this contest!
Best Regards!

Wow manzana a organizar idea para ver que platillo esqucito sale de esta deliciosa fruta

Think and plan well and you will deliver something amazing again I am sure my friend!

Delicioso ingrediente, estaré participando nuevamente amigo.

Thanks for the trust and support my friend! Looking forward to see what you will propose this round!
Best of luck!

Genial me encantan las manzanas. Aquí en los países australes estamos en la temporada de manzanas, así que esto se va a poner bueno

You are lucky to have fresh apples available in your we import them from different countries around the world.
Looking forward to discover your entry my friend!
Best regards!

Holaaaa! continuare participando para la tercera ronda, ya tengo en mente la receta que voy a preparar, suerte para todos, un abrazote.

This is so nice to read from you my friend! Oh just plan it and make what you have in mind into reality and make us enjoy via your post!
Best Regards!

Que bueno. Son muchas las recetas que se hacen con esta fruta. Me animaré a participar. Mis saludos

Absolutely my friend, we can do magic with many possibilities indeed! I hope to see you entering!
Best Regards!

Genial a preparar algo rico con manzanas=))

I'm wondering what the contestants will come up with the apple theme this week! Thanks so much for stopping by my friend!

Very excited to be a part of this!

Hello my friend! First of all welcome to Steemit!
Would be great having you in the contest, simply follow the simple rules and post your entry.
Wish you lots of success ahead!
Best regards!

Mi mayor desafío será conseguir las manzanas! 😅🤣

Ohhh I hope you manage to get them. But anyway, if you can't not a problem, you can skip this round my friend.
Pray for you and the apples!

This is exciting, I'll love to take part in it.

Please feel free to enter, you just have to follow the simple rules and make us enjoy your dish!

Delicioso Ingrediente amigo, sin duda alguna Volvere a participar. SALUDOS

Ohhh this is so nice to read my friend! Apple is an amazing product as we can use it in so many dishes!
Looking forward to discover your entry during the week!
Wish you well!

Muy delicioso el ingredientes voy por mi segunda participación

Looking forward to discover your creation my friend!
Best of luck!

Saludos amigo, que maravillosa idea de ahora ser manzana nuestro ingrediente De la semana. Me encanta la manzana pronto aquí mi participacion feliz día..

Hmmm looking forward to see what you will propose for this round my friend! Wish you best of luck!

Buenísimo , pero no soy muy buen cocinero , tienes una receta sencilla para darle una sorpresa a mi esposa ?

We can do so many simple recipe with apples my just have to make the presentation and taste right. Maybe an apple tart!
Best regards!

Buenos días
Estaré participando.
Gracias, todo el éxito para ti, en esta ronda.

Thanks so much for the support my friend, great to read that you will be participating again!
Wish you well!

 2 months ago (edited)

Hola buenas tardes, gracias por haberme seleccionado, ya preparándome para participar en la tercera ronda en esta deliciosa comunidad Iron Chef🍎

Hello my friend! It is a real pleasure having you in the contest! You are most welcomed!
Good luck for the apple theme!
Stay blessed!

Good morning, thank you very much for your welcome🤗🤗🤗🤗

 2 months ago (edited)

Hello dear, I do not have the invitation from the channel of discord: Steemit Iron Chef Discord Channel! Please can you pass it to me, grateful.

Hello my friend! Thanks for reaching out!
Here's the link to our discord channel :