FARM TO TABLE LOGO CONTEST : Let's vote!!! The one with the more upvotes in the comments section below wins it!!! CHECK THE COMMENTS SECTION OF THIS POST PLEASE!!!

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Hello hello Steemit Iron Chef Community!

Trust you are all doing great!

Some days back I launched a contest about the logo for the 'Farm To Table' contest organized by @crisvera. The deadline to submission was earlier today.

Only 5 entries received...

We had only 5 participants who tried their luck and I wish to thank them all for their work.

@hazmat / @rafaelcmontero / @titi7 / @awuduabangiba / @sithara

Help me select the winner please!!!

I will proceed same like we did for the #foodcolorchallenge and let the community vote for winner!

There were 2 logos that I like a lot and decided to let you all help me out!

All you have to do is to vote on the best one out of the 2 entries I will share in the comments section below!


  • Go to the comments section of this post below.
  • You will see the different entries photos on 2 different comments I made.
  • Upvote the one you like the most. (my comments)
  • The one with the most upvotes wins the challenge and win 30 STEEM!!!

Very straight forward once again...simply vote on the one you think will suit best for #foodtotable!

The deadline for voting is next Wednesday the 10th of November 2021!

Please do not use any voting bots on the comments I am making below, only real humans vote will be counted!

I encourage the contestants to bring their supporters and make them vote! Come on!

Most upvoted comment wins it!

Let's go!!!
Thank you so much!



Actually, Thank you so much for your preference.👍💙

This is the most meaningful logo I have ever seen. That is, anyone who has seen this can get a full understanding of the content here. Of course my warmest congratulations to you @sithara who created so creatively .... !!! You are sure to win ... !!!! Congratulations to you .... !!!

Thank u so much dr❤️

Buen día aquí apoyando las creaciones originales de los steemians, éxitos y bendiciones para todos 🤗🤗🤗

Muchísimas gracias🙏

Thanks to all those who have read my entery and voted for me till now...I'm very pleased and honored...Thank you very much guys

Hi friends

Am Deepthi from Banglore, India.i know it's not a time to share now.But am sharing the logo.its the time of results. Am sharing it even though am sharing my thoughts to community.who has participated in this contest every one of you did very well.I was thinking from so many days but due to certain work I have posted it very late.i know you can't consider but I would like to share my thought to you.


Thank you
Have great day ahead.

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