The Diary Game - 22.02.2024 : A Day with lots of activities.

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I start the day tending to my plants. I was in the village for a few days and there was no one at home to take care of the garden plants. So I started taking care of my plants.

First, I weed my favorite plants. Water them after weeding. After weeding and watering, the plants looked green and vibrant. I have plants in my garden but I can't cut them all in one day, so I am weeding them day by day. Today I have collected two types of snake plant and coin plant. The leaves of these plants were covered with sand. My sister makes coffee for me. I drink coffee. Today I will go out with my cousin. So I finish my work early. My phone didn't have enough charge, so I quickly charged it because we will go out and take pictures. After drinking coffee, I get ready to go out. Today we will go to a place in our city and eat some street food. All three of us were quite excited to go.


Initially, we went to Sargodha Park. There were various rides for children but they were closed when we first visited. At the entrance of the Children's Park there was a large statue of a lotus flower, which is our national flower. Apart from this, there is also a skating ground for children to go skating. It is a park and there are many types of trees. All three of us went there and stayed for a while. This place is much bigger and less crowded today. We saw some children playing there. There was a balloon shop inside the children's park. I see emoji balloons there. The emoji balloons made me smile again.


A special feature of this park is the horse carriage ride. In ancient times, people used to travel by horse carts. But nowadays, due to the advancement of technology, such horse carriages are not used. People now use these vehicles only as a hobby. I didn't ride this horse carriage, so I don't know how much the ticket is. But once you get on the horse carriage, the horse carriage will show you around the whole land. I love seeing this beautifully decorated horse carriage.


After entering the park, we saw many varieties of flowers. The flowers of different colors were very beautiful, but the flower that I liked the most I don't know the name of the flower, but this pure white flower will catch anyone's attention. We all take photos with flowers differently. My cousin loved the flowers and took 15 to 20 photos with the white flowers. These flowers look like cherry blossoms to me. There were also pink flowers in the park but they bloomed so high that I couldn't photograph them well.


Then from there we went to a nearby restaurant. This restaurant is my favorite, but not for the food. Here you can sit and enjoy your meal in a natural environment. The restaurant is very well decorated. The month of February is the month of love, so a heart-shaped seating area is specially designed here. We went there and took some pictures separately. We went there and ordered fichaka. Fichka costs 70 bdt. But the taste of this dish was very bad. I would rate it 3 out of 10. We did some photography of the restaurant. We stayed there for about an hour. The decor in the restaurant was very nice. I did reflection photography there.


In the evening, I eat Korean spicy noodles. I have been wanting to eat these noodles for a long time. Recently my brother-in-law went on a trip to Thailand and brought back "2X Spice Noodles". I couldn't read anything because it was written in Korean. So I make noodles like cup noodles. I boil hot water and the ingredient you can see in the red packet that comes with it is chili paste. I ate very few noodles because one was very spicy. But my nephew enjoys it even though he is only 7 years old.

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I enjoyed reading your post. It is big that you are more fond of eating noodles.

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Nice to read your post You are very fond of eating noodles. You've hunted for noodles a lot before.

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