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Every picture indeed tells a story, and I am very happy to participate in this wonderful contest organised by @suboohi.
Pictures are meant for memories and laughter because when we capture good images on our phones, it makes us happy and gives us memories. Sometimes, people tend to capture us unexpectedly, which makes us surprised and amazed.

A true life story about my aunt

*My handsome cousin

The joy of giving birth to your first child after several years of waiting after your marriage is unexplainable.
My aunt is a very good woman who put smile on the face of every little children because she loves spending time with them, she got married to a good man who put her first before any other thing in life.

They got married to each other and they lived very happily later on my aunt got to discover that her husband isn't capable of enough to produce an offspring, it became a problem in the family and my aunt was very mad at him because during his youth day he lived an unpleasant life and maybe that was what affected his fertility.

My aunt went to different doctors for a medical checkups and they all confirmed that she is in a good condition and they discovered that her husband isn't fertility enough to pregnant a woman and she was very devastated because her husband have been blaming her several times about not giving birth to a child not knowing he was the curse of his predicament.

They came back home and my aunt was mad at her husband nut he kept pleading for forgiveness from my aunt so that they can both look for a solution together, because two head they say are better than one and my aunt listen to him and she forgive him immediately they became happy and his desperation for a child reduced because he find out he is the cause of his wife not being able to get pregnant.

They were living very happily and one day my aunt decided to visit my mother to spend some good time with her, so he shared the problem that she have been experiencing in her home which have been bordering her a lot, she was very desperate to get pregnant and have a child of her own.
My mum told her not to worry, and she recommended her to a pastor who prayed for her and gave her some assignment to do when she got home.

She did everything and behold after 1 month she went to the hospital and discovered that she was a week pregnant, it was like a miracle to her and she was overwhelmed with joy and happiness.
When she broke the news to her husband, he was very emotional because he had given up pm ever fathering a child of his own, and he quickly thanked God for everything.
After 9 good months, my aunt gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, and everyone celebrated with her.

As soon as he clocked a year older, as a firth child of his parents he was taken to the studio to snap a wonderful picture to commemorate his first ever birthday, it was a huge ceremony and everyone around the neighbourhood came and celebrated with them.
Overall it was a joyful ending for everyone especially his parents who have been longing to have a child and God finally blessed them with him.

I am inviting @eesther123, @pandora2010 and @moyeon to participate

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