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Someone saw the food picture shown above and told me I'm enjoying life. He said I'm living the life of a rich man eating this kind of food. If there's anything in life you shouldn't joke with or you should do is to eat good food. This is what many people trade good clothes, steeze and the likes of them for.

If I'm to eat this kind of balanced diet on a daily basis for a month, I bet you'll barely recognise me. In Nigeria, such food is eaten once a while based on the economy except you'll seeing steady income that can cater for both your wants and needs. The food picture shown above is an example of a food captured with yummy thoughts......

CarbohydrateYam and potatoes
Proteinchicken and Egg
Fat and oilsStew
MineralIron and phosphorus in chicken
VitaminsOnions and pepper
WaterWater used in cooking
What makes your chosen dish so special to you?

The dish shown at the onset is a perfect view of a balanced diet which consists of chicken, egg, potatoes and yam with stew. These combination makes my dish special to me and it's been a while I ate type of food. I only eat it when there's money to purchase these food stuffs. It was eaten on a special day, an eco-friendly day of which I had to capture it so as to remember such time.

To many, this dish is small compared to the combination they do on a daily basis as breakfast and dinner. The dish captured speaks volumes. It doesn't mean you have too much but the small you gave, you spend it on good food in case you die. You enjoy life now while it lasts so they others won't enjoy it on your head when you're no more.

Bean Cake and egg

This is one common street food in my city mostly used as lunch to sustain hunger by workers. It can be eaten at any time interval and it's portable. You can take it with you to anywhere and even eat it while walking on the road. This is what makes this food special. It is also easy to prepare. The use of;

  • beans
  • pepper and onions
  • crayfish, fish and meat
  • other spices and groundnut oil etc....


The mode of preparation is always what makes this food special. I purchased this bean cake while in school to sustain hunger from my bitting stomach.

Fried Unripe plantain

It may sound very absurd seeing this type of food especially with the fact that the plantain is unripe and then it's fried. What is mostly common is eating the unripe plantain cooked or the ripe fried. That's where the excitement comes from but I discovered that eating fried unripe plantain with salt to coat is even much sweeter than the ripe and cooked.


This may be very absurd not until you try it. You then blend it with stew to gallant and that's how your breakfast is ready. What makes this dish special is that it has to do with unripe plantain that's fried and that it can be very satisfying and heavy after consumption than the fried. If you doubt, you can give it a try.

When you eat fried plantain, you'll dread for more and it may not really satisfy you except you combine it with heavy protein. Eating just the fried unripe plantain without any combination can go a long way.


What is the story of your food captured photos ?

The story behind the captured foods shown above is that these foods were eaten on various occasions and intervals and that they are quite different combinations from the normal. The first picture of yam, potatoes and egg was eaten on a special occasion. The second was eaten in school, purchased from a roadside seller and the last was eaten at home.

I was hungry and thought of trying something new with what was available. The plantains weren't ripe but my hunger made me fry them unripe. I discovered a new, special recipe that day. It was not bad at all

What emotions do you wish to convey?

The emotions I wish to convey is that trying new things sometimes expose us to new recipes that we may think it's absurd. Also combining it with some classes of food can make it the best and special dish you've ever tasted. I'm looking forward to trying new recipes that are different from the normal dish......

All pictures are mine

I invite @goodybest, @mile16 and @cive40

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Hola 👋

Los plátanos inmaduros fritos aquí se conocen como tostón solo que los aplastamos para que queden más delgados y crujientes.

Bueno la economía a afectado al mundo entero acá por ejemplo las proteínas son más caras así que muchos no las pueden consumir a diario (cuesta de 6$ = 25steem aproximadamente)

Tengo curiosidad por saber cómo preparan pastel de frijol 🤔

 last month 

This is serious. Protein $6? Hmmmmm. Anyways, bean cake is one particular portable food I enjoy. The toston in your country is called plantain chips in my country. Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate

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