How to buy steem from Binance exchange? | How to transfer steem to steemit and Power Up? | Also for investment

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Hi Everyone!

Greetings to all, hope you all are well and good and enjoy a happy life. I am also good Alhamdulillah.

Often people who are new users on this platform are worried that their power will decrease because they have posted and commented more, thus reducing their effective power. So, an easy way to increase, it is to buy some Steem from your Binance exchange and send them into your Steemit wallet so that when you send your Steem, you will power up it in your account it means that you don't have to face any kind of problem, your post will also be easy and your comments will also be easy how are they. I will explain the method to you.

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Now I will tell you how we can buy Steem from Binance exchange and send it to our steemit wallet this is a very easy way by which if someone has less power then he can increase his power. You can buy Steem from your binance exchange and send it to your steemit wallet and power up there, it's very easy, let me tell you step by step.

So Let's Start

I done all this using my mobile phone hope you all understand easily.

Step 01
First of all, open a Binance Account and log in using your phone number and password or using a biometric fingerprint and see the main page given below in screenshots.

Step 02
Now click on the trade option given below in the center, and search for the pair between Steem and USDT. The procedure is shown in screenshots.

Now click on Steem pair and see the price of Steem in USDT or your selected currency.

Step 03
Now click on the buy button after selecting the market option instead of the limit. After selection enter the total amount of USDT you want to buy steem with. I want to buy it for 10$ so I enter 10$.

Now click on the buy steem option and you see a popup notification where you confirm that you successfully bought steem.

Step 04
Go to the wallet and see the main page after that you select the spot option where your total currencies are given.

After clicking on the spot option you see the option to withdraw, click on it to go ahead. Now select steem currency and select the method to transfer steem. I select the crypto network to transfer.

Step 05
Enter the username of your steemit account in place of the address and enter the amount to transfer to your steemit wallet. I want to send 38 steem and I enter 38 steem. Click on the withdraw option the I popup notification shows on your screen to confirm the memo address then you continue without the memo key, and then click confirm to continue.

Step 06
Now enter your pass key to withdraw any amount you already set in your Binance account, if you are on the option of biometric then simply place your finger on the mobile sensor. After all, you see your amount is pending. In the end, you can see my steemit wallet where I have 1.991 steem only.

After a few moments, you get a notification from Binance that your amount has been successfully transferred. and your order is completed.

Step 07

Now log in to our steemit wallet to check if it transferred. Here you can see my account I have a total of 40 steem. In your wallet history, you also check the transfer details.

Power Up

Now you can see my account before and after powering up. I powered up 35 steem.

That's all the procedure from Binance exchange to your steemit wallet. I hope new commer will understand it easily. Thanks a lot for staying here. All the pictures are taken by me using my mobile phone screenshot. Special Thanks @suboohi

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hello dear @ahsansharif this detailed and helpful guide on how to buy Steem from Binance and transfer it to the Steemit wallet for powering up. Your step-by-step instructions and screenshots make it easy for new users to follow the process. This will undoubtedly be beneficial for those looking to increase their Steem power. Keep up the good work of providing informative content for the Steemit community...

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Thank you so much for staying here. Surely its beneficial for newcomers. I try my best to explain many contents here like this.

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Upvoted. Thank You for sending some of your rewards to @null. It will make Steem stronger.

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You have explained one of the most interesting tutorial about cryptocurrency as well as it is not easy for everyone to buy steems purani adar cryptocurrency from the binance exchange but you make it very easier to tell anyone I wish you good luck to share such an amazing content with us in future.

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Thank you so much for reviewing my post and appreciate my work.

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Your welcome 🤗

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