Hwc contest #51 The food diary week #3 ||Tamping today,s flaverd food||

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Greetings and blessings to Everyone

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Assalam o alaikum everyone I hope all of you good by the grace of all mighty I am also good now the summer season is going on with his brightness especially in afternoon today I. Pakistan so we all keep our selves more hydrated as before and protect from. unnecessary sun exposure.

I love to share my food diary post contest week #3 hosting by @jyoti-thelight in in #hindwhale community I also participated in the last week of contest and I got chance to became winner as well I thankful to all .So guys waisting of your precious time let's start my good diary blog with you and share my whole day activities regarding meals.



My beautiful morning as usual started early as usual by first I offered my fajr praise it's my morning pray then I did my light exercise moves today is Saturday so school if kids were off they still slept U made my break fast in which no egg only tea with paratha .In summers my hubby love to drink lussi in breakfast so I made for him. My sister sleep so I got chance to work on stomach today is my duration day I am working in team for as accurate in month of May so I log the account of steem curator04 .

At Lunch time

At lunch time I prepare sandwiches which were made up of only chicken mayonnaise spread my all three kids really like to eat it so I made it for them,it's good in taste and light easily digested food.


After took their lunch my kids went on my Mom's place with me I also need some sandwiches for my mom and we spend quality time each other than back to home at night.

Evening time

YouTube winters in Pakistan every home moms meet and drive mangoes drink called Panna it's very refreshing and delicious drink and be the hotness of the weather and cold the body instantly and boost your mood and health as well.

The drink recipe is very simple you just peel off the ununripe mangoes cut it,then washed and boiled it with sugar or any sweetener on your taste , then put in blender jug and make a thick paste and you feel it in bottle jar and consume it according to your need.

Today's Dinner

I am back from my Mom's place at night kids request aloo ke parathe in dinner so I fastly start my cooking by first I boil the potatoes in an in the main time I prepare and ready the different ingredients that putting in mashed potatoes.


I peel of the boiled potatoes then I add some spices in which I add red chilli powder ,salt, turmeric powder ,finally chopped onion ,chat masala green chillies coriander and mint leaves then I incorporate all the ingredient very well now stuff is ready for paratha.


I knitted the dough of all purpose flour and half amount of wheat flour with salt and water then made a small balls and roll with rolling pen and made same size, I put the potato stuffed then cover the second one on it like a sandwich then close the ends of the paratha and placed on hot pan ,and gave golden colour on both sides. In the same manner I made 10 paratha from my family I also made with green chutney that's made up of coriander and mint fresh leaves ,add garlic cloves , cumins seeds and white sauce which made up of yogurt. The we should the delicious hot and crispy parathas finished within seconds it's one of the most favourite food of my family ,it's simple to make I am sure you love it .


The day was ended with peace and enjoy with tamping flaverd food as well ,I hope you guys like it my today's food diary and I am sure you will definitely try out aloo ke parathein my style especially in summers it light and delicious choice you may in dinner.

So guys it's all about from my today's diary I hope you like it see you soon with my new blog I am waiting for your feedback and comments will be right back soon with my new blog.to finish I would love to invite my friends @suboohi,@roohiasif99 ,@arshani,@uzma4882 and @drhira to participate in contest.


Thanks for reading my post take care Allah Hafiz 💖 💖

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On the day when children are out of school, parents feel quite relaxed. You had a very exciting day. Making sandwiches, tea and paranthas are everyone's favorite breakfast. Sometimes I feel so happy seeing that whether it is Pakistan or India, our food seems to be mostly similar. Mango Panna is my favourite, it is the best refreshing drink of summer.

Slice bread with the perfect drink and juice can serve as athe perfect combo for a meal. I am so sure it will go well together

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Yes my kids live it .
Thanks dear for your valuable feedback and good words about my meal.
Greetings 🤗🤗

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Thanks team 3 and @pea07 for support 💞💞

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Your all dishes were so yummy alluring delicious food. You spent excellent day with tasty dishes. Thanks for sharing friend

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Thanks dear for your valuable feedback yes dear we all thankful to God for all on our table .
Have a good day

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Your dish is definitely looking so tempting I must confess and it is great to actually see how it is looking

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