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Friends, hope you all are happy and healthy. Friends, I wish you all a very happy Eid. Hope you all have celebrated Eid as per your planning. Friends, as Eid approaches, a different enthusiasm is seen among people. People make plans for shopping and traveling on the day of Eid long in advance. Many users have shared their Eid planning, shopping and celebration stories with us and I enjoyed reading them.

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I celebrated my Eid as per my plan. The next day of Eid, I started my shopping two days before Eid. I had purchased clothes, jewelery and make-up items from the market so that I do not have to buy at high prices around Eid because as the days of Eid come closer, we have to pay higher prices in the market because the items. Availability decreases.On this day, I woke up at 4 in the morning and prepared milk, kheer and puri. Eid prayers were offered at 8 in the morning and then Fatiha was offered. I ate milk, kheer and puri with my family.

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I had done shopping for Eid but due to pregnancy I was not able to prepare properly. I also had to wear light clothes so that I would not face problems during the day. My plan had become a little different. The first photo I took was with my mother-in-law. Then I clicked photos with my sister-in-law. Gradually guests started coming to our house. When all the guests had come to our house and left, we also went to everyone's house to wish them a happy Eid and congratulate them by eating doodh-puri.

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On the day of Eid, my sister's son was looking very happy because he used to wear normal clothes on normal days but since it was the festival of Eid, he was dressed in new clothes. The atmosphere of Eid is visible even among children. Even children come to know just by looking at the festive airs that something special is happening today. On the day of Eid, children are given money so that they can buy chocolates and make their favorite purchases. I had also given money to my sister's son, although he is still young, he does not understand, but being an aunt, I gave it to him.

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The evening time was very good for us. After roaming around the whole day and cooking food in Ramzan, Eid is the only day when we all go out for fun. I had gone to the market with my friends. Yesterday evening we had different dishes and at the end we had ice-dish. Summer season has started and in the beginning there is a lot of crowd at the ice shop but yesterday the ladies did not have to wait. It seemed as if this was a reward for all the hard work done by cooking during Ramadan.

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So this was how my Eid day was. I enjoyed it very much. Spent time with my family, relatives and friends. I hope you all have also celebrated Eid in the same way. If you too have celebrated like me or better than me, then please share your thoughts with me in the comments.

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You spend a good day with family and also enjoyed special day of Eid . Thank you for sharing your diary game with us . May Allah bless you 🍀.

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Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful time with my content, I hope you've also spent your day with you're family and friends, EID mubarak to you.....have a nice day.

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Thank you so much for your warm wishes. Eid Mubarak To You As Well ! I appreciate your kind words.

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