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Hi friends Greetings!!

I'm Jyoti and I'm glad to share with you my yesterday's diary in this post.

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Yesterday morning I woke up at about six o'clock. If the heat is high, I don't get to sleep early at night. Sleep comes only in the morning. So, getting up is a bit late. However, after waking up I cleaned the surroundings, went upstairs and practiced walking and breathing for a while. Then, I came downstairs, got my son ready for school and went to the kitchen to prepare lunch and breakfast for him. Yesterday I made Dosa and Sambar for breakfast. When my son got ready, I served him breakfast and packed it in a lunch box.

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After taking my son to school, I went to the vegetable and fruit shop thinking that I could buy fruits and vegetables on the way. Vegetables are not as mushy because of the high heat. The coconut was bursting with heat. However, I did try some vegetables. Capsicum, cabbage, mung bean, small onion, carrot, beans, cauliflower, plantain, potato etc. were kept there. Among them I bought bananas, carrots, beans and potatoes.

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Then I went to the fruit stall and looked at the fruits they kept there. Fruits are also not so brash. However, I bought fruits thinking that fruits are good for this hot weather. There were papayas, bananas, apples, grapes, mangoes, and jack fruits. Among them, I bought one kilo of grapes, one kilo of banana, one kilo of papaya and one kilo of mangoes.

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Then when I got home I took a glass of cool drinks from the bridge. It was so hot that I checked the temperature on my phone and it read 99 degrees Fahrenheit in the afternoon. So, it seemed to keep the body cool. So, I thought I could make juice with half a watermelon fruit that I had kept in the bridge. The fruit was well chilled as it was kept on the bridge.

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I cut the fruit into small pieces and removed as much of the seeds as possible. Then, I put them all in a mixer jar, add sugar, pinch of salt and water and grind them well. Then I poured it into some glasses and added ice cubes to it. Watermelon Juice was so good.

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It was nice to drink in the sunny day to reduce the heat. I kept two glasses of juice in the fridge for my son and husband as they come from outside and my daughter and I drank the remaining juices.


After that I went to the kitchen and cooked lunch. For lunch I made sambar with rice and carrots, beans and dal. After everyone arrived we had lunch together and then I went to bed to rest for a while and fell asleep. In the evening I watched "Ponniyin Selvan- part 2" of the Tamil movie on TV. Having already seen it in the theater, it made me want to watch it again and again. So, this time I watched the film as it was released on TV.

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After dinner we had ice creams that my husband had bought. It was cold. Then sat on Steemit and finished my yesterday task. Then I went to sleep. These are all highlights of my diary yesterday. If you like it then leave a comment for your rating in the comment section.


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It is actually good to consume fruit and vegetables because it always goes a long way in helping our health and making us to stay in shape health wise also

 2 months ago 

Yes fruits are healthy to eat, thank you for reading and passing a lovely comment

 2 months ago 

Watermelon juice gives us quickly energy. You spent excellent day with variety activities. Thanks for sharing friend

 2 months ago 

Yes watermelon is good for this summer heat, thank you for the compliments

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Thank you for the support

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 2 months ago 

Oh my God, seeing your post today just started making me to crave for fruit juice once more because it has really been a long time I tasted fruit juice last

 2 months ago 

Had a wonderful day filled with happiness, drinking juice and eating vegetables are the sign of healthy diet, Your presentation really amazing.

Dear Ma'am

You Spend such a grt day woke up morning practice the upstairs for breath is very good habits. Its good for health. You after some time Walk make breakfast and pack the lunch box then you visit market and buy Fruit and vegetables at the end you make the juic of Water melon at home its totally new things for me because i have never taste this . Hole you enjoy the taste in future i also made the juice of watermelon and Share the experience with all of you

Best of luck for future

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