"HWC contest #53: Food Diary Game - WEEK -4 by @josepha (13-05-2024)".

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Food is very important for every living being most especially human beings food is what energizes us to go about our activities. To humans food is our petrol without you eating for a whole day you will be feeling weak, sad, and even lack the strength to do anything.

Food is any substance be with liquid or heavy that we consume to provide us nutritional support and energy to our body organs. Food can be processed, cooked, or formulated before consumption. The best way to energize our organs is to eat at least three square meals a day. In this post, I have shared the foods that I ate as of 13-05-2024.

Morning: Breakfast


It is usually good to start our day with lighter food. I don't like eating heavy food for breakfast which is why today, I took bread and tea for breakfast. I garnished the bread with avocado 🥑 together with a very hot tea ☕ in cold weather. As I woke prayed, and did my house chores, it began rainy and everywhere became cold which made me take hot tea.

It is very easy to prepare tea as all you need is water, Bonvita, milo, milk, chocolate, and bread. I put a small quantity of hot water inside the cup and poured in millo, Bonvita, and coffee and mixed very well.

Afternoon: Lunch


Porridge beans and potato. As for my lunch, my appetite for eating beans and potato became stronger than swallow which was the food I had initially planned to cook and eat. The rain that falls stops me from going to the market to buy some foodstuff, which I then prepare porridge beans, and potatoes.

Cooking beans usually takes more than 2 hours before it gets done. It is very easy to cook beans as it doesn't require you to use many ingredients other than beans, red Oil, spices, crayfish, onion, and pepper.

Evening: Dinner


The evening on my way returning from my friend's place, I stopped by the roadside and bought roasted corn and groundnut. I like eating maize, especially roasted maize. However, the maize 🌽 was not the only food that I ate at my launch. I later ate biscuits at the late hour of the day which I couldn't take a photo of, because I bought and ate when stepping out of my street.



আপনার দেখানো সব খাবার গুলি অত্যন্ত সুস্বাদু এবং টেস্টি ছিল কিন্তু সকালের খাবারটি আমার কাছে অনেক বেশি ভালো লেগেছে

These are the kind of food people should be inviting me to eat, breakfast was a perfect combo, afternoon sha, I am a bit worried hope the beans is soft enough and for dinner I have tried boiled corn with peanut, I need to try soft roasted corn too. Lovely work sir Josepha, success

 2 months ago 

Yeah, as of yesterday I just feel like eating maize even if it is just a seed. Roasted corn have more taste than cooked corn. Thanks for stopping by.


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