Steemit Engagement Challenge - S13/W6 - “What are the top five things I look for online?"

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Greetings Steemit friends

Wow, interesting challenges. I spend almost my whole day online. If I'm not online, then all my devices are dead, and no secondary source for me to power them. I think for the past 8 years, I have been more disciplined and responsible in my activities online.

What was the first most important thing I searched for online? causes and advantages of it.

Searched Resources: When I talk of resources, I mean solutions to any challenge I'm going through. Be it at my workplace or home. There is nothing new, we only try to innovate. So, when trying to get something to work, I will sometimes have to go online to read what others have done in that domain.

The advantage here is there is no need to recreate the wheels when it is already there. You can always look through it and add some innovations.

What was the second most important thing I searched for online? causes and advantages of it.

Searched courses: Knowledge is power, we never stop learning. I always tell my interns that the internet is a sea of knowledge that is technically free. There are lots of free courses, though if you want to have the full details. It is always advisable to go for paid courses. It depends on my needs for me before I will take a paid course.

The advantage here, free courses are a good foundation for any knowledge you want to acquire online.

What was the third most important thing I searched for online? causes and advantages of it.

Searching recent cartoon Movies: Entertainment is one of the reasons that took me online. Movies can be very entertaining and educational, depending on the category. It is up with the trend, I will search online to check the latest movies released in the film industry.

For some time, I have been more into animated movies because I noticed the interest of my kids. What I have come to learn, movies can trigger and develop the sense organs of kids. It helps in reasoning, and it is huge to think out of the box. Science fiction movies will easily convince a kid to believe in science and will have a better understanding when they come across situations like that in real life. For example "Elemental", is an animation on water and fire.

What was the fourth most important thing I searched for online? causes and advantages of it.

Searched Music: Music is the food of the soul. For some years now, I have not been downloading music. When I feel like listening to music I will just stream from any of the online radios or watch from YouTube.

Music is a motivator for me when I'm working. When I have music on, I can work all day without getting off my seat. Music helps me to be able to zoom out of my environment when working. When I talk of zooming out, it means I'm not getting any external noise around me. It's just me and the task in front of me.

What was the fifth most important thing I searched for online? causes and advantages of it.

Social media: To be part of the world, I can't be cut off from social media. So, I usually log online to search for things happening on social media. I happen to be in a crisis zone, and most of the updates are published on social media. I might not spend a lot of time, but I try to search for updates and news information. Most importantly, fact-checking is important when following social media updates. A lot of fake news and unverified information is being shared.

The advantage, I try to keep the connections with my friends. Most importantly, it is happening in other parts of the country. Here in Cameroon, news will first be published on social media for the traditional media. For security, it is important to have the information before getting what happens rather than just being blind.

Well, I did mention spending most of my time online, and I search for a huge number of things. There are opportunities online for us to grasp, but many are lazy. The internet is a sea of knowledge, which we all need to make use of.


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