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Hello friends, how are you all? Welcome to my diary. Let's begin with the diary entries from the past few days.

Just like every day, after waking up early in the morning, I get ready to go to the gym. I must say, the gym is conveniently located just 1 km away from my new home, which makes it very easy for me to go there.

So, I get ready to go to the gym and head out with my friend. After working out at the gym, I return home, and on the way back, we had poha, which we got for only ₹20.

"After returning home, I took a bath, performed worship in the temple, and then prayed to God for everything to be auspicious."

"Today, we all went to the office a bit early because it was our annual function day celebration, so in the evening, a small function and dinner were organized at a hotel, along with some prize distribution.


After reaching the office, we all got engrossed in our work and finished our office tasks quickly. Then, we quickly got ready to go to the party in the evening, so we left the office a bit early. After reaching home, we quickly got ready, and two of my office friends came to my house so that we could get ready together and then head to the hotel."


"I arrived at the party with my friends and saw that some people from our office were hosting and starting the function. My friends and I went to a table nearby and sat down, enjoying the function."

"As the program progressed, the award for the best team was given to our team. We all went on stage to receive the award and also had a photo session. After that, there were small performances by children which we enjoyed."


"After the function ended, we headed out for dinner and enjoyed the meal. After that, all of us from the office got together to take photos."

This is all about my today’s diary . I hope you like it.


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