Blog 9 | Treasure of Maharashtra | Beyond Bollywood Beats

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Maharashtra: Beyond Bollywood Beats

Hello Steemit folks today i want to write my blog on the traditions and cultural beauty of maharashtra. So let’s begin.


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Maharashtra is India's west coast star. Cities like Mumbai make it busy, but there are also amazing mountains. See ancient carvings in Ajanta and Ellora caves This western Indian state packs a serious cultural punch, with traditions as old as time and a spirit that's as infectious as a monsoon downpour.

A Celebration of Life: The Festival Symphony:-

In Maharashtra many festivals are legendary. Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the famous and important festival of maharashtra, it’s the celebration of birth of lord Ganesh ji son for lord shiva.Gudi Padwa, is the celebration of new year in Maharashtra . Nag panchmi on this day the snake around lord shiv is worshipped with milk and prashad. Narali purnima , as Maharashtra is along sea so sea is very important for them so on this day people worship god of sea. Janmastmi it is not only celebrated in Maharashtra but all over India this festival is celebrated on the birth of lord krishna .

Foodie paradise


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When comes to Maharashtrian food it’s all about spicy food. From delicious poha to world famous pao bhaji , Maharashtra has a lot to offer.Vada pav, a deep fried boiled potato coated with besan served with mirchi and pao.Try Misal pav, my most favorite dish ,a spicy lentil cury served with bread and onion perfect for the spice lovers.

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Puran poli chana dal paratha . Then after delicious modak it is usually made for lord ganesha as a prasad during ganesh chaturthi, it is a delicious sweet made of rice flour and filled with coconut, jaggery and dry fruits. There are many more dishes like ragda pattice , bharli vangi, sreekhand,poha sabudana khichdi,bhelpuri, basundi. Maharashtra is truly a food delight.

Elegance with a Regional Touch: traditional Clothing

Fashion in Maharashtra is all about elegance. For men clothing include , dhoti , pheta( cap) , kurta and waistcoat called bandi and leather sandals. Womens wear long saree which is tucked in dhoti style. This style usually called lugade. Choli or blouse weared underneath saree In jewellery they wear gold nath in nose , gold earrings and gold necklace, glass bangles usually in green color for bride.

Tourist places:



Maharashtra has a lot of places to explore.The Ajanta and Ellora caves, with their mind blowing sculptures and paintings, are like stepping into a time machine, it is also comes under UNESCO heritage.


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Mahabaleshwar a famous vacation spot for nature lovers. Panchgani it is surrounded with five hills famous for sunset and sunrise view. Shirdi , sai baba home , sai baba is considered as child of god in Maharashtra . Kolad famous spot for river rafting. Bhandardara a popular hill station. Rajmachi , lonavla , alibaug, khandala, tarkarli, nasik and many more in the list.

Rhythm and Storytelling:The Soul of Folk Music and Dance


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The music scene in Maharashtra is all about catchy tunes and storytelling. Lavani is a vibrant dance expresses the issues of society. Povadas dance tells tales of bravery events of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, keeping the memory of the Maratha Empire alive. Tamasha dance then after gondhal dance . And Koli dance belongs to fishers community its theme is based on sea and fishing,
guaranteed to get your feet tapping.

Beyond the Tourist Trail: Unveiling the Essence

Maharashtra is like two different worlds in one state! You've got the crazy energy of Mumbai and then the stunning beaches of Konkan for chilling out It's a land steeped in history, warm hospitality, and a spirit that will leave you wanting to come back for more. So, ditch the guidebooks and dive headfirst into the magic of Maharashtra believe me you won't regret it.

This is all about which I cover my thoughts about the famous state of India called Maharashtra.

Thank you 🙏


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My dear friend @deepak94, Maharashtra is a heritage in itself. Earlier, both Maharashtra and Gujarat were one state, so perhaps you will find the lifestyle of Gujarat and Maharashtra to be similar and old buildings will also be built in the same style, but here only you will find a change in the language. My friend Maharashtra is really very beautiful. I have seen it only in films but I hope to see Maharashtra closely.


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