The Diary Game || 8th May 2024 || A beautiful day spent in Lahore

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Assalam O Alaikum

Hello dear friends! Well come to my post. How are you feeling? I hope you will be doing well by the grace of Almighty Allah. I'm also fine and enjoying my day. Today I'm here to share my diary game with you in this Hindwhale Community. So let's start without any more delay of time.


With homies

Friends in the last week I was in Lahore and here I spent a very quality time with my friends and cousins. We enjoyed a lot in visiting different beautiful places of Lahore. So on that say we decided to go towards the Shahi Qila and Badshahi Mosque in the evening because at the day time there was too much hotness due to summer season.


Lahore, Lahore Ay

So in the evening we started our bike and reached there within the thirty minutes because the badshahi mosque was about 20 km away from our location. My friend @huraira50 and my cousin @rehman57 were also with me which you can see in the below pictures. When we entered in the the area in the back of badshahi mosque there was a huge rush of people.


Food Street

That area is basically known as the food street where almost all types of foods are present which are very famous not only in Lahore also famous in the whole world because many foreign tourists visit these places and enjoy delicious and tasty foods of lahore. People were busy in buying foods, taking pictures and spending a lovely time with their dear ones.


Haveli Restaurant

There is also a very vast one of the most famous restaurants of Lahore is Haveli Restaurant which is very famous due to its delicious foods and giving a charming glimpse of people of the badshahi Mosque from its roof top. Yes the sitting area of that restaurant is present at the top of its roof from where you can capture some beautiful scenes of badshahi mosque's beauty.




Fruit Chat, Cream chat & Gol Gappay

Friends unfortunately there was a family day of that restaurant on that day which means that the people only with their families are allowed to enter and eat inside the restaurant. So we decided to eat gol gappay, fruit chat and cream chat from outside the restaurant. After that we moved towards the Shahi Qila where we took a lot of pictures in night.



Badshahi Mosque & Shahi Qila

In the above pictures you can see the beauty of Shahi Qila and Badshahi Mosque are an example of their own. Their architecture styles and designs are very charming which attracts the tourists towards themselves. That is why the Lahore is one of most famous tourist destination. Anyway after spending a quality time there we decided to move back to our hostel.

All these pictures are taken by my own Mobile phone Vivo v21 some are reused.

Written by @abdullahw2


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My brother thanks for Mention me in your post we enjoy this quality time with many memories. I wanting that moment when we meet again and enjoy more time and make the memories.

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