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Ever since we launched Creativecoin many months ago, our goal was to help reward creatives on the Steem blockchain.

Obviously there has been many things happen over the past few weeks that caused us to take a step back and evaluate the future of the community.

Since we are in the hands of a second layer platform, we are at the mercy of what is decided by the steem-engine team and we are also held to those same time frames.

So what our plans are for right now is as follows:

  1. Continue on Steem since we do not yet have a choice, however, we will be performing another halvening after the Hive snapshot is taken on Friday. This will reduce the payouts and allow us to lower the amount of tokens put in circulation. We are confident this will help keep CCC at a good price level.

  2. Once we know how steem-engine plans on changing, we will evaluate our options. If we can run on both platforms, then that would be our best-case scenario.

  3. If we have to choose only one platform, we will be switching to hive.

Steem has been very good to us over the years and we are grateful to have the community that we do.



That’s very professional

its good to wait and see, because steem is the best

Great fact

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