Rules and Guidelines for the Hobby of Writing

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Talking about hobbies, of course there are many things that we will see and do continuously. Be it in sports or other fields. This time we will specifically discuss the hobby of writing which has produced many interesting articles and has become a reference for those who need it.

There are many categories of writing that are used as hobbies in this world for writers. Here are some examples of writing that attract us to accept posts for steemians who want their posts posted in the Steem Hobby Community :

  1. Scientific Writing
  2. Poetry
  3. News
  4. True Story
  5. Short Stories
  6. Fiction
  7. Autobiography
  8. Opinion
  9. Diary Game
  10. Etc which is included in the writing category

The category that we took refers to the habits of writers that we often find on the steemit page, and of course we included the Diary Game category because after conducting in-depth research, this has become a hobby carried out according to the habits carried out by the writers on the steemit page all this time. .

This also does not conflict with the Steemit regulations and community guidelines that we have issued, but it is hoped that the hobby of writing will become a guide for other people to use as a reference in the future by prioritizing writing rules according to each language in each country.

Another consideration regarding the Game Diary category is to improve quality writing and we can suggest that every Game Diary posted on the Steem Hobbies Community will contain various interesting information from the places and photo descriptions displayed.

Thank you for reading, I hope you will encourage your hobby of writing in this Steem Hobbies community, make the Community a place for friendship and provide definite suggestions for our progress together.

Lets share your hobbies



Upvoted. Thank You for sending some of your rewards to @null. It will make Steem stronger.

 5 months ago 

This is one amazing community. Why do I say that. There will be a gathering of people on Steemit here. With different hobbies all over the world. And it can be said that in this community you are free to post anything. There are no restrictions if you are creative. Thank you @klen.civil for establishing this extraordinary community.

 5 months ago 

Akan mengesankan, setidaknya menulis diary game sebagai hobi menulis agar mendalam tentang penulisan yang memudahkan pembaca. Semakin seru membuka harapan para steemian

 5 months ago 

Sangat bagus, super lengkap karena bisa menulis berbagai macam, minat bakat dan ekspresi diri.

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