Tiny Shadows

in Shadow Hunters8 months ago

My entry to #shadowhunters hosted by @melinda010100. Check her post Here to find out more about this fun contest.


Tiny and his shadow eating a cashew.


The little red squirrel in sepiatone.


Cube effect of above photos.

Edited in Lunapic


Animated Banner Created By @zord189



Tiny is so cute and Tiny with shadow is even more so!! Great photos Jo! Tiny is guilty of stealing hearts you know..lol. Love the edits too! 💖

Thanks Dee! Tiny seems to be my best model lately. 😊 😍 🐿

You're very welcome Jo!! 😄

Awe what a sweet little guy!! Awesome shadows
from your cute friend ❤ @redheadpei! :-)

Thanks @shasta. I’m glad you like seeing my little friend. 😊 💗

This is soooo cute 🥰

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Thanks @tezmel. 😊 💕

Now that is a cute shadow! It made me smile!

I’m happy to make you smile Melinda. 😊 💗

Aw, Tiny is adorable and he made a cute shadow. : )

Thanks @whatisnew! 😊
Have a great week ahead.

Ha! There is Tiny again, what a photogenic little squirrel she is!

Thanks Cowboy! She likes to model for me. 😂

And she's so good at it! lol.

Tiny with its tiny shadow is soooo cute.
Love the edits and it looks sweet in sepua too. 😀

Thanks Neli @nelinoeva. 🐿 😊
Have a great week.

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