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When I saw the announcement yesterday about moving to the new chain I got excited and even positive about that, because since the takeover of Justin Sun, I fighted that so hard and most steemians know that who are supporting #steemhostiletakeover in twitter.

Maybe I'm not doing the right thing, but I still ask people to vote for our real witnesses. I still see some hope that steem will be saved.

I understand that we all want to leave steem to the new chain to leave Justin Sun here alone. But, some people will stay anyway. They will stay because they like it here, because they are so related to steem.

The idea behind a new chain maybe even the best to fight the abuse of tron guy, but it was brought to the table so fast.

I didn't hear about it before and most steemians didn't.

A lot of us now don't know what to do I guess.

Should we stop spreading the truth about steem in twitter and keep spreading what Justin did to us ? Should we keep writing against exchanges and how they wanted to controle the governance here ? Should we stop all what we did during a month ? Should we just move on and forget about the years of steem promotion ?

The funny thing is that when I asked such questions in twitter, a lot unfollowed me. They liked how I fighted against the takeover, but didn't like me staying here to help others to move.

I invited a lot of people to steem and supported so many to stay here. What I should tell them now ? Just leave them without explaining ? Of course I would like to stay, to know everything and to create content about that.

I am answering some questions and I will ask some as well.

I know that all our steem, steem power and steem dollar will be converted to the new coin that we will have. I know that the new chain will be called hive. I know that a roadmap will be written soon.

I don't know who will write that, I don't know who will run the new chain, I don't know what application to use to post there, I don't know if those applications we used before will be renamed or not.

I would like also to know if the communities will be moved there. I worked so hard to make @dcooperation grow and we have now over 200 subscribers.

I would like to know if our reputation will be the same there or we will have to build it again ?

But, still.

We all fighted to show the truth to the world and all crypto community about what Justin did and still doing. We pushed everyone to vote on our real witnesses. We created content about steem in all other social media and crypto forums andd even other social crypto pplatforms. We powered up and I'm still powering up to make my vote worth something to vote for witnesses.

In the end we fighted to move to an other chain. We fighted to give up ? Are we giving up on steem ?

I thought that we can keep fighting and we need only 7 witnesses to win.

I hope the new chain will be better. Much better !


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Taambién espero que la nueva cadena sea como lo han dicho... Una mejor versión de Steem