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This is the fourth post I think now that I have not got the downvote. How many posts can we make it till we get another downvote? Well, I did get a downvote on a post that was not anything on the contest but a post that was voted on. You can find the details why this contest was started in the first post.

It has been a few days without running any contest. I will be getting the #weeklygrowlog contest post out tomorrow. If you are not following that one then come check it out using the tag.

In the last post, I tried to change things up a little bit and have it a guess the weight of the cannabis plant that I was cutting down. Now with my own stupid mistake, I have somehow lost that photo. I am really not too sure how I lost it but it happens. WIth that I have sent and sent along 1 SBI to everyone that entered.

  1. The first rule is to leave a comment with a number that has not been chosen by anyone else.
  2. With only getting 2 people last time I will say pick a number between 1-10 if we get more than 10 do 1-20.
  3. You have 24 hours to make a guess from time post was published
  1. The Third rule is to have fun and not let people tell you who to vote for or what to give away.

I will be using random.org to get a number, I will take a video and post it to steem in a post with the winner.

For this contest, it would be great to get a comment on what your favourite steem tribe is.
Maybe adding a small reason why would be great. Don't forget to add a number that is shown in the rules so you can be entered into this contest.

With the question of what is your favourite tribe I have a couple, The first one is weedcash, It is great for a place to post grow logs and reviews. The second One is UpFundMe. With UpFundMe being a tribe for contest and giveaways it is only right to start giving away some UFM for this contest.

10 UFM I think is a good start for a prize this week, I am thinking I will up the prize if we start to get more comments.

With that I always like to show off some cannabis photos -

These are the Steem OG that Is getting mighty close to harvest. This strain was crossed by @cana-curate member @jonyoudyer.

Please hit that upvote button and follow for some more cannabis grows and reviews.

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I would say UpFundMe tribe.

Does the SBI take a few days to arrive? I entered but don't think I got the SBI you mentioned.
And what was the weight of the branch anyway? hah

I'm a fan of UpFundMe

Wouldn't have guess different. Would been funny if you said another one🤣

It is one the best

It is one the best

5 for me - UFM, BATTLE, NEOXAG

I really like LEO as a concept,.but watching their market closely.

some runners up - INT, ActNEarn, Build-It

I like build-it. It is such a great idea for a tribe.

Battle could be big. Think they need to get running some cs.go or cod or other games like rocket league turney


Weedcash. Because im all about cannabis!

Weedcash really is the bomb.

Weedcash really is the bomb.

Weedcash really is the bomb.

Those are two tribes I have not checked out. Thanks for sharing them

They are mine... For the weekly Shadow Contest and for posts with bird photos that we curate through the DNA Discord.

Forgot to say favourite tribe

Man, that's like asking me which of my kids is my favourite.... currently I've been having a bit of fun with UFM though. The discord community as well as the rewards from posting make for a nice combination.

2 is still available, isn't it? :)

Yes, Got to add your favorite tribe tho

Oh, thanks for reminding me!
Upfundme it is :)

Yes, Got to add your favorite tribe tho

UFM... is there any other tribe out there? 🤪😂

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You forgot to say your favorite tribe😀

You forgot to say your favorite tribe😀