A brief overview of my trip to Germany

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Good day dear mates! @travoved is here! 2019 is coming to an end and it is time to take stock and mark the most significant events of the year.

It so happened that the year 2019 was not so full of travels for me as before, but the last trip to Germany turned out to be very interesting. In addition, it is worth noting that it fell at a time when Christmas markets had already begun to open, which made it even more exciting and interesting. This time you will get acquainted only with a brief overview of my trip. And in more detail about each city that I visited, I will tell you a little later.
Well, let's get started!
The whole trip to Germany took me more than 2 weeks.
During the trip, I visited 7 cities among which were:














and Dresden.

Also there were a few cities I just passed by: Hannover, Munchen, Erfurt and Duisburg .

Between cities, I mainly traveled by train. In cities I used buses and sbahn trains.
I stayed at the hotels for the night and thanks to my friends who helped me with the choice of places for spending the night.
In addition to the story about cultural attractions that I visited, I will separately tell about restaurants and cafes where I had lunch and dinner in publications on tasteem.io
With the weather during my trip, I can say that I was lucky the days were mostly sunny and fine. Sometimes it happened and rains, but on the whole it did not overshadow the general mood. And the temperature was higher than at home.
And so my first story will be devoted to Berlin. The city where it began and where my journey ended. Where was my start and finish point, yes, yes Schönefeld Airport.
That's all for today. And in the early days of the new year 2020, wait for the story of Berlin. I hope it will be interesting for you!
See you soon!
Sincerely yours @travoved!


Also like a transit cities

I am not a grammar nazi (dont count me like that) but its really a... well let me help you to improve the text a bit? if theres no objections....

-> "Also as a transit cities..." -- or, even better would be to say, "there were a few cities I just passed by: ... " pls dont be angry at me. I'm just trying to help

PS. which one was the highlight? Berlin, or Dresden... or another one?

PPS. #posh tad seems not supposed to work without your twitter link put back in your post.

Спасибо за рекомендации)

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мон плезир!


По поводу #posh ссылка присутствует. Основные были Берлин и Лейпциг.

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ясно. буду ждать поста про Берлин, надеюсь не пропущу в суматохе праздников.

рискую показаться идиотом или педантом -- но ссылки в вашем посте на твит со ссылкой там на именно этот ваш пост -- я здесь не вижу. специально открыл не в эстиме, к-й грешит тем что не все всегда показывает, а в обычном браузере - и все равно не вижу. вообще никаких ссылок, если честно, нету. мне-то в общем до этого дела нет, но мне кажется OCD тоже ссылки не увидит - и соответственно, за пост не проголосует.. как-то так..

Вот ссылка на мой твит

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мне не надо, не подумайте. у меня и твитера нету =)

Hey @travoved, here is a little bit of BEER from @qwerrie for you. Enjoy it!

Ich wünsche Dir einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr

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о! в комментах не догадался посмотреть.... а вы точно уверены что она не обязательно должна быть в теле поста? я как-то не уверен.. ладно.

Так я толькотдля стима и завел. А по поводу в теле или ы комментариях я на примере сотоварищей в комментариях оставил ссылку

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ну.. наверное это правильно... только я даже только для стима не хочу усложнять вещи :)
а сотоварищей, к-е в комментах ссылки приводят, ОСД голосует?

Да голосует. Посмторим чем этот мой эксперимент закончится

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