Mega share from KuCoinPlay at 1000000$. 18 days left!

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Hello everybody! I want to inform you that the mega-promotion from KuCoinPlay is 18 days away and this promotion is becoming more popular!

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KuCoinPlay is now hosting the largest $ 1 million promotion. The top 500 users will be rewarded with 1,000 USDT each and 50 users at random from all participants to win 10,000 USDT each.

 To take part in this contest, you need to take a few simple steps:

1. You need to register on KuCoinPlay and confirm your account (via SMS)

2. Then you go to your KuCoinPlay account and find the promotion “1 million USDT dollars with a gift from KuCoin”, be sure to confirm your email so that the registration process is completed.

3. Inside the action you will see many simple tasks that you need to complete to collect points, some tasks can be done every day, which will increase your chances.

This grandiose action from the KuCoinPlay will last until February 10, 2020, so have time to take part in it. I wish you all good luck with good chances to win! 

ATTENTION: Since there are so many registrations to participate in this promotion, there may be problems with SMS, so I advise you to try the numbers of other telecom operators and constantly try to get a registration code. Also, e-mail confirmations are sometimes delayed, check your e-mail often and you will complete the registration for participation!

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