The People of Neoxian City -- Day 4 @reazuliqbal

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It's day four out of seven and today I'd like to display @reazuliqbal to you in a Rafiki-esque show to all the other animals.

"Behold, AwwwPanda"

The mighty reaz can be found sitting high on the top of Mount Neoxian as he calmly watches over our Discord server for anything slightly out of character or displaced. Rumour has it that he was only born with one eye, which gives his other eye almost see-through fabric & steel capabilities. Don't try and hide anything from Reaz, because he'll more than likely find out about it. 

Be warned.

Name: @reazuliqbal

Aliases: Awwpanda / The eye of neoxian / Panda

Place of Birth: On a farm.

Age: 2000 - ancient and wise, but pretends to be in his 20's.

Nationality: Bangladesh.

Occupation: With his one eye, that gives him sight beyond sight, Reaz has taken to computer programming which has given him an almost metahuman-like vision-bond with his code. There are no other known humans with the level of skill Reaz has.

Likes: fluffy animals / talking code / dissing @xawi / killing meee6 / laughing at @raymondspeaks idiocy

Dislikes: @xawi / anything related to @xawi / Please die @xawi

Most distinguishable trait: His massive right arm. It is said that since Reaz has only one eye (on the right) that gives him super coding specialities, it has given him a hard favouring of the right hand to which he uses it only to type. The left arm a bit limp and useless.

Or it could be that he just spends too much late nights on por... YouTube!!! Coughhmmcough.

Mostly known for: Telling xawi to die.

Early Years

@Reazuliqbal spent his first 1980 years on his fathers farm in Bangladesh. Like Reaz, his father is still currently alive and well and maintaining the farm he has owned for nearly 2000 years.

Tired and unhappy with daily farm life, Reaz left for the city to find himself a more fulfilling life and hopefully envision special ways in which he can utilise his one eye and massive right hand to their full capabilities. This is where Reaz found the school of code, and taking to it like a frog in water he graduated with honours at the top of his class.

After graduation he found some amazing opportunities with some amazing companies but sadly this fell short when his interviewers told him that he looked like a lop-sided troll.

Angry and frustrated with these people who really didn't know him at all, Reaz decided to make it his mission to find out everything about everyone so that if they were to, "come at him" like those interviewers did, then he'd have enough on them to sink them.

Discord Years

After many years of long and detailed research, @reazuliqbal found Discord, Steem, and eventually Mr Dragon. Reaz sit's as an esteemed member of the discord team, high on top of Mount Neoxian where his eye watches over all of us in a strange Mordor-like searchlight that tends to drift past us sporadically.

Reaz is wise for a metahuman. He uses his unique abilities with care and precision, making sure that he doesn't make mistakes. The only mistake he will tell you that he's ever made was getting to know xawi!

Reaz knows everything about all of us on discord. He even knows stuff that we don't know about ourselves. His research skills honed to a sharp and precise skill, aided by his only eye and superb right hand typing skills. Don't try and hide stuff from him because it's not going to work.

Closing thoughts

Reaz was one of the first guys I talked with on the Neoxian Discord server, and I will say that because of him, and the tribe team, I felt very welcome. So there's only respect and admiration from me!

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No story is complete without xawi hahah LOL Ray you must troll me in every post. Love your writing style so killing

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Hehe. Great huh? :)

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What a coincidence that the first few people I interacted with on discord just happens to be @xawi and @reazuliqbal 😂

The two mortal enemies welcoming me hand in hand...I feel proud 😁

mortal-enemies LOL

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Only mortal enemies are real 😎

@reazuliqbal - "not all pandas are cute" but this one is cute... Well done Ray. You nailed. Now waiting for zaku ☺️

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