I like raindrops - rule of thirds

Raindrops are amazing, you can sometimes find them in unexpected places, even on some insects like fly. I love how they are crystal clear and same shape but different size and sometimes photographing them can be challenging. Why challenging? You will ask (probably not). :D Because you have to find perfect composition for it, sometimes it will look beautiful but sometimes not and you need to move to other place to photograph. I love using rule of thirds, that means you divide your photo in 9 same pieces or thirds and your main subject is in intersection of horizontal and vertical line or dividing lines or at lines itself.

That's a great rule for beginners, you will learn a lot about it and also your photos would look better. But, of course, rules are meant to be broken, so when you are confident in your photography skills you can do whatever you want and compose your photo however you want. :)

Enjoy and see ya tomorrow with new post! :)












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