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RE: The People of Neoxian City. Day 1 @neoxian

I loved it, I want to be a neoxian, with that of humor I have a project on the platform called #reiresgratis, we have things in common, I want to see your eyes reach his soul. That's what got me, that honest solidarity, acting with frankness and helping.

A good dragon, maybe.

"Not much is known about @neoxian, he is a quiet and reserved Dragonian. He keeps his thoughts close and doesn't let anything too personal slip. He thinks first, and acts later".

I love this!

Seguimos aprendiendo de esta comunidad y su fundador.


You should come in and join us :)

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Please reissue the invite.
Thank you.

Thank you. I just joined and I have a lot of reading to do.

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