Beautiful landscape photography around the hilly region

Hello Steemit Friends,how are you all,I hope everyone is well.!

The Creator of our earth has made the very beauty of the Creator very good for humankind and in the midst of this nature has given countless elements to humankind and from this nature human beings take all kinds of privileges and enjoy the beauty of this nature.!!



We have most people in this world who like to travel in the hilly regions, so take dear people or friends to travel in the hills to visit the beautiful nature of the hill country.Moreover, everyone loves to spend time with the beautiful nature environment with friends and friends of all the people of this world.So when traveling in the hilly region, people group together and travel to the mountainous region.!!



There are many types of waterfalls in the mountainous region, and the water bodies reservoir around these waterfalls and the waterfalls are deposited in these reservoirs.And these mountain reservoirs are created in the hilly region because of the water flow of the waterfall in the hilly region, and because of the flow of water through the ages.And that is why the water in this reservoir is very clear and transparent.!!



There are many types of trees in the hilly region, and many of my species may not know the names of the trees, but now it is winter so most of the trees in the hilly areas have turned red.And now some of the leaves of the tree are red and some of the leaves are green and the view of this red green hill region is very interesting.And in the hilly regions, such confidence has been dispersed in the hilly regions to travel and the roads have become roads for people to move.!!



Those who like to travel in the hilly areas rise to the top of the mountain because from the top of the mountain, it is nice to see the nature of the surroundings.And looking from the top of the mountain to another, it looks like white clouds are sitting on the mountain in the blue sky.And from the tops of the mountains, the clouds of the sky can be seen very close, it seems that the clouds of the sky can be caught very easily with the hand raised.!!

So to this day, tomorrow I will bring you new photography and another new post. If you like my photography and my posts then of course you will vote for me.!



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Those are some lovely pictures overlooking the mountain. For me, the colour of the trees make it even more special with all those different shades of red and orange. I would like to have seen a bit more information on the route you took to get to this point (nearest city, perhaps a map of the trail) but otherwise, enjoyed the journey here