Not talking about...


...what you think I'm gonna talk about. Write about.

But that's just the thing, perhaps if I write about the thing everyone thinks I'm going to write about, then that might be just the thing people would never expect me to talk about. Write about.


Again I was facing the darned thing of selecting the right photos for my next post. And it's hard. No. Actually it isn't hard, it's haaaaaaard!

There are the shitty photos that I'd like to post anyway, then there are the good photos or sometimes excellent photos, but unfortunately there are so many almost alike but not quite, and I can't decide which I want. And then there's the post-editing process. Do I want this thing to be in this corner or that thing, should I make the green less green or perhaps darker, should I cut this a bit from the top or the bottom. And after I've decided something and I compare that to the original, I start to think that my changes are shit and futile and unnecessary and that I should start all over again.


It's like going to the grocery shop or a cafeteria to search something tasty to eat with coffee. Desert. "That cake has chocolate, oh goody, but then again it doesn't seem to have anything else than chocolate and I think if I wanted that much chocolate I would buy just that, chocolate. Melt it and pour it in to my mouth. I wan't some cream in it too, or perhaps a cheesecake or... or.. or.. perhaps then again some biscuits, no, too dry, I'll take the cheesecake... But it looks so heavy... Now I know! I want something with berries! Fresh berries... but then all the tiny strawberry and bilberry and raspberry seeds will be stuck to my teeth gaps for the rest of the day... This is so hard! I'm going to take that citrus cake." And when eating it: "Why did I take this! It's too dry and too sweet and it has no chocolate or berries! Such a bad decision I made! Why did I do that?"

So many times, hours and hours were wasted. And for what. Absolutely nothing. Could have done something more constructive. But always, before I know it, morning turns in to day, day turns in to an evening, and evening turns in to night. One day turns in to two, three and several days. And me doing futile things to photos that should have not been changed that much to begin with or should have just been deleted.


I have lots and lots to say. For instance about tv-series like Ozark and The Witcher. If you want to know what I think of those series, you know where to find the longer version of this post.

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