I have nothing


As a tribute to certain way of life, negativity, I'm publishing this photo or sort of an art series that hopefully balances the world against all happy and supportive quotes that obnoxiously happyclappy people spread around the web. You know those: "You can do it!" "You are the best!" "We are all important!"

No. You cant', you're not, you do not matter. I know better quotes: "Life is shit and then you die." And: "Life gave you problems but no way to cope with them." But as those are a bit worn out so I invented new ones. Or old ones, but I'm claiming that the words put this way, one after another, is my invention.

May cause negative thinking or depression depending of the amount of satire and irony cells and connections you have in your brain right now. May cause smaller text that you can barely read. Showing this to other people not recommended. Do not inhale or eat! Do not put this to the microwave oven. Do not try to put ice cream in your eyes. Actually, do do that, no-one cares. May cause frustration towards people, you yourself or other people. May cause anger towards your so called friends or yourself. May cause blurred vision and hearing what you want. May cause nausea, desire to do something radical or just to sleep forever. Except waking up to drink coffee. And fart in your sweat pants. May cause numerous things that are too complicated to be mentioned here, but have to be mentioned for the sake of mentioning. But not going to mention those. You have been warned. The world is cold.


You know where you can read this post: https://twitter.com/insaneworksfi/status/1255428358638391298

But I will say this before you go and read this in the other place:

Who will join my band called: "Maes Not Dotter"? I will be the one that sits on a chair, never smiles or talks but breathes heavily. Or perhaps I will just stare heavily at people. Oh no. The thought of staring people disturbs me. I will be the one that avoids eye contact heavily. What's your instrument?


The Spanish lesson that I'm listening right now makes me so sad. They say that I can play a game with my friends where we would describe in Spanish what someone famous looks like and then the other one tries to ques who that famous person is. So I look at my cat and say: "Es un actor español. El tiene cabello oscuro. Tiene unos sesenta años." ...and my cat doesn't answer. I have no idea if I even said it correctly. Cat stares at me. Seems to think if this is just a new way to say: "I will feed you now."


Pessimist experiences no disappointments. Pessimists do not even try.


I agree with part of that, bot also disagree with some other parts.
I hate those motivational quotes, but I believe all there is, is trying, is the effort it self. But what if I try for something that I can lose easily (like money) then there's no point in trying, but there are higher values that are worth trying for, that are not gained or lost easily. Hard to describe them using words, things like being reliable, responsible, aware. They all need constant effort, but they're worth it.

Though if one doesn't believe in some sort of existence after death, then all these become meaningless. Personally I'm still searching for things that will be with me, even after death.

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