Trapped in the concrete "photographic series" #2

Yesterday I started the publication that marks a new phase of exploration as a photographer, and in the next publications I will talk about the details of how I will be composing this series that I have titled Trapped in Concrete, which aims to appreciate how plant life has developed in overpopulated cities being often trapped between the concrete and hundreds of buildings.

There is not only concrete, there are also metal pieces and more recently the use of resistant plastic in different structures, so life opens up before any artificial element created by the world.

In today's publication you can appreciate a small Anti-fire system that has at least 70 years of existence, due to its location it is unlikely that a fire is generated or that they can make use of that water tap. Even so the wise nature learned to live in perfect harmony in the water tap, above and below you can appreciate the rust by the time and the lack of maintenance and some parasitic plants that are living without any problem.

I still have to visit many sites which I am convinced will be liked as much for the direct photographs I am taking as for the beauty of the trees and plants involved in the project.

Why choose direct photography? Because it is an almost perfect way to detail elements that other styles of photography would not highlight from phenomena like the ones I am explaining through visual narrative. There is a story in every tree trapped from its birth to its adult stage a little distorted by the conditions in which it developed.

I am currently visiting several spaces if you wish to collaborate with some extra reward for the maintenance of the vehicle in which I move will be well received.

I apologize to all my followers for having spent a period of time absent since I was promoting the puppet workshop in the community, I have postponed the date of the beginning of the workshop, the reasons will be expressed in future publications.

While you continue to enjoy my latest project entitled "trapped in the concrete" I am making a count of the pieces I am composing so you can see the whole creative process that other photographers hide.

To read all about this project and find out how you can support it, visit it at by simply clicking on the link: Puppets in the community PROJECT and be sure to check out steemit's profile @arrozymangophoto

Thanks for reading

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