Trip to Couce - Escarpas da Serra - Valongo | Portugal


Continuing the previous post, and leaving the grandmother's tavern behind with the doubt if it will still be working, the path went ahead in the opposite direction of all the movement i found in that place.
I had already mentioned, perhaps in the first post of this series, that i went to the mountain ranges in order to find a familiar and peaceful place to do a little exercise and take a walk with my family, always keeping in mind the social distance required at this stage, but it was not tranquility that we found, but a flood of people moving from one side to the other and then what would be a peaceful walk right there at the entrance of the road close to the locality of Azenha extended a lot to over the route he had planned.




Today the place i share is already very close to the city of Gondomar, and it is here that there are huge cliffs that make it seem that somewhere in a distant time the earth shook and something gigantic happened in the geology of this land.





Maybe there is some tectonic fault here or something like that, since there is a huge mountain crest that crosses several mountains for several kilometers of extension, now that i mention this, i have to read some articles about the typology and local geology, for me to be able to identify and explain many of the formations that exist in these mountainous regions.






Unfortunately the photos do not allow to have a correct idea of ​​the real size of these cliffs.
Along the way it was also possible to view some more ruins of old buildings on the river bank as well as similar to previous posts, to register the characteristic vegetation of the place, not only of the surrounding trees, but also of smaller vegetation through macro records.





From this series will be missing just one more post where i will share some records of an old house, completely camouflaged in the middle of nature, with a huge piece of land, located in an absolutely fabulous place, which immediately aroused an old desire that i have to acquire a property in a rural location where i can travel during weekends or even during holidays to rest my mind and also thinking about the future.
For many years i thought of acquiring a small piece of land in Gerês to build a small country house there, and in fact i still haven't completely lost that idea, but now that i found this house with this land so close to home, it may not be completely unreasonable trying to understand if it will be for sale and of course, if it will be an investment that is within my reach ...
For now it is still very vague, we will see more ahead.

That´s all for today :)

See you soon

Thank you for watching :)

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