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RE: CONTEST# Earn Steem By Anser to the question.Day #8

in STEEM FARMING 🌱7 months ago (edited)

Hello!, Good day my fellow stemian.
I am so happy that I'm opportuned to take part in this simple but brain tasking contest.
So, I will just go ahead and make my point.

The answer to the question is a "PREGNANT WOMAN"
A pregnant woman and her child in the womb are two people. Therefore, when the pregnant woman and child in the womb are swimming in the pond, her hair will get wet while the hair of the child in her womb will not get wet.

I invite...

Kudos to @nevlu123 for coming up with this wonderful contest

 7 months ago (edited)

Thanks for your deep thinking... but it's not correct ans of this question... Thanks next time..

It's a pleasure taking part in the contest.
But would your mind sharing the answer, since the contest is already over
Thank you.

sure bro thanks for attend to this contest

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