The dairy game season -3 ।। 14-07 -2021

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Hello everyone, how are you all? Hope you are well. I am also fine by the grace of God. Today I will share the diary game. I hope you like it. So let's start today's activities.


At first I woke up. Then I brushed and freshened up. Then I made breakfast. I called everyone to have breakfast. Then everyone came and I served breakfast to everyone. Then we all had breakfast together. I washed everything at the end of breakfast. Then I came to my room. I made the bed in my room. Then I sat down and listened to the song. Then I made the bed in my mother's room. I have made all the beds in the house. Then I fed my brothers and then I sat with them and watched cartoons. My brothers just watch cartoons. Sometimes I also see cartoons that make me feel better.

Then I washed the dishes. Then I came to the room and sat for a while. Then I prepared a post. Then I did some work and learned a new job. I practiced that work. The first time was not the second time. Then I did it for a while and then I wiped everything. Then my mother would cook and work. I went and helped my mother with the cooking. I did a lot of work. Then I went to learn sewing. There was another girl there and I learned to sew with that girl. I talked to him a lot. It was good to talk and I learned to sew. Lots of fun. Then I came home after sewing.


When I saw a peddler on the road, I remembered a lot of things. Then I talked to a grandfather and had a lot of fun. Then I came home and saw my mother cooking. Cooking is almost over. I also helped my mother cook. Then my mother told me to make juice. I made juice and while eating, my brother fell in love with my younger brother. Seeing our jagra, my mother got hot, then my mother scolded me a lot. I am very angry. Later the anger went away again. This is how my mother just scolds me.

Then I swept the house. After sweeping the house, I lay down in my room and pressed my mobile. Then I took a bath. It was the last time my mother cooked for lunch and it was time for lunch. Mom called us for lunch. I went to have lunch and everyone ate lunch together. At the end of the meal I came to my room. I came to the room and pressed my mobile while lying down. Then I rested for a while. Then I woke up and washed my face. Then I got ready to go to Silai Shikat. I went with everything to learn sewing. Then I went there and there were 3 girls and I went with them to learn sewing. After a while, my mother went to see me and asked me if I was learning well.


Then I left that mine in the afternoon. I came and had snacks in the afternoon. Got very hungry. Then I pressed my mobile while lying down. Then my younger brother came with a fruit and I ate it. Then my cousin came and talked to me. Then I watched TV with my mother. Then it was time for dinner. My mother called me for dinner. I ate dinner. After dinner I came to my room. I pressed the mobile again and then fell asleep.

Thank's and Regards

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 2 months ago 

You have presented your day in a very beautiful way.

Thanks brother

 2 months ago 

Have a Good day

Thank you so much

 2 months ago 

Your diary game post has been so beautiful. Hope to see more beautiful posts in the future.

Thanks for your inspiration

 2 months ago 

Great diary game post.

Thanks bro

Thank you

Thanks for sharing your day activities with us,it was great day of you,hope everything is okay.Stay Safe,Have a good day.



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Ji bhaiya

Your day was good... You enjoyed wonderful day ..

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