5,000+ Steem power in @around-theworld account , Next Target 10,000+ SP || Delegate your Steem Power, Become a Partner of AROUND THE WORLD🌍


AROUND THE WORLD🌍 COMMUNITY is rapidly gaining something good one by one, which is truly amazing. We are delighted to announce that 5,000 sp has been earned on our community's official account (@around-theworld) today. Which is a joy for everyone in our community. Our next target is to achieve 10,000 SP. I urge you to try to delegate to our community account.

Special thanks to the community moderators for their hard work in improving our community. We pay tribute to the hard work of @nevlu123 and @oppongk. And special thanks to @steemcurator01 sir for supporting the community since its inception.

List of delegates to our community

  • Many thanks and love to those who have given SP delegation to our community.
No Delegator Amount
01 @art-bangladesh 845 SP
02 @nevlu123 3600 SP
03 @akukamaruzzaman 102 SP
04 @rayhan111 100 SP
05 @narocky71 50 SP
06 @faruk7869 30 SP
07 @lingkar-photo 20 SP
08 @new-spirit 20 SP

Delegate your Steem Power, Become a Partner of AROUND THE WORLD🌍

♨Badge Distribution According to Delegation Amount♨
✔ From 50 SP to 100 SP - Bronze Aroundtheworld🌍 Partner
✔ From 100 SP to 250 SP - Silver Aroundtheworld🌍 Partner
✔ From 500 SP to 1000 SP - Gold Aroundtheworld🌍 Partner
✔ 1000 SP + Diamond Aroundtheworld🌍 Partner

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Courtesy of: @art-bangladesh

Thank you @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @stephenkendal and @booming04 accounts because your support to our subscribers and to us is key to keep growing persistently.Your support encourages our subscribers to post well.

 2 years ago 

In few days we are achieving 5000sp hope our next target also we complete very soon.Best wishes for the community

Many thanks for the valuable comments.

I am very happy to be able to be a delegate and I would like to extend my best wishes to those who have delegated with me and to those who will be in front. My next target is to become a Silver Aroundtheworld🌍 Partner

Many thanks for the valuable comments.

If I earned something in future I will again delegate my SP in @around-theworld

Many thanks for the valuable comments.

 2 years ago 

I hope the aroundtheworld team will progress and increase in strength, maybe I will delegate it in the next month, always success to this aroundtheworld community

Many thanks for the valuable comments. I am waiting for your delegation.

 2 years ago 

OK, you're welcome, friends

 2 years ago 

This sounds great news having 5, 000 SP. Thanks to all delegators for their support for our Community.

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