The dairy game season 3 || 13 July 2021 || By @ah-agim

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Dear brothers and sisters,

How are you all Hope you are well by the grace of God. I am also happy with your prayers. I hope that you will always be good to the Creator.

My dear friends,

I want to share with you how I spent the whole day today. I hope you all like it. Amin and I woke up at 4:38 in the morning. After waking up, I brush my teeth, wash my hands and face and take aju. Then he goes to the mosque for prayers. I leave the mosque after prayers. Then all around slowly to be illuminated from the darkness of night.

Camera :- Redmi Note 7S

The sky is white and blue. The wind is blowing from the south. This morning scene is so beautiful to me that I take pictures. Later I left for home.
After going home, I watch the morning news on TV for a while. Later, my mother called me for breakfast and after eating breakfast, I released the pigeon from the house.

Camera :- Redmi Note 7S

We clean the pigeon's nest with food and water. In a house I saw a pigeon laying two eggs. I am very happy to see the pigeon eggs. If everything goes well, the eggs will hatch. Later my cousin called me and asked me to go to their house. I reached their house after a while. He is calling me to leave the fry of Rui and Katla fish in their pond. They asked me to go to their house to see if the fish fry were growing and if the water in the pond was OK. After I went home and talked to Mami and other people, my cousin and I went to see the pond.

Camera :- Redmi Note 7S

The food of that floating fish has been fed into the pond. I see the fish are eating very nice food. The fish fry have become a bigger one than before. My cousin is very happy to see me eating fish. I looked around the pond and saw that the water was green. There is a little algae in the water. The current state of the water is suitable for fish. Then we went home from the pond. Mami gave me breakfast after coming home. After eating breakfast, we said goodbye and came to our house. After coming home, I was watching TV for a while. At that time my niece told me that Mama was eating two buffalo grass in front of our house. I don't believe him. I turned off the television and went to see him when he repeatedly told me. I went and saw a man feeding grass to two buffaloes.

Camera :- Redmi Note 7S

I asked the man where he was taking the buffaloes and he said he was taking them to the market to sell. Seeing the grass on the side of the road, he is busy eating grass. I told him how much you would sell them. He said two T2s or a little more could be sold. Later I came home. I go to take a bath. I take a bath and finish eating at noon, then go to sleep and wake up at four o'clock. After getting up, I go out for a walk, go to the shop in front, have a cup of tea and then go to give something.

Camera :- Redmi Note 7S

My two older brothers were sitting on the side of the road talking. They are asking me to sit and watch. I am sitting next to them exchanging greetings with them. Later I talked to them about various issues and it was almost evening when I was able to talk.

Camera :- Redmi Note 7S

After talking to them, I said goodbye and went home. After coming, I will finish dinner and watch TV for a while and then I will go to sleep. I hope you all stay healthy and take care of your health until we talk about something else tomorrow. I am saying goodbye to you, Allah Hafez.

My dear friends,

You will all be fine.

My love and congratulations to all of you.

Thanks for supporting me

Specially thanks👇🏻




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Sincerely congratulations to comment by trouble

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Really amazing your diary game. And your explanation also well

Thank you very much for your constructive speech.
I hope you will always cooperate from my side

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Your diary game post has been so beautiful. Hope to see more beautiful posts in the future.

Congratulations for commenting with difficulty. I will try to do better if you are by my side.