Around The World Landscape Photography contest 10 steem prize pool


This is a great contest and fantastic opportunity for everyone to see different parts of the world while staying at home. Due to the ongoing pandemic many of us have been restricted to our home unable to travel, hence all we can do is look back at the memories we have from our past travels. This image is from Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. This is where Malaysia grows most of its tea and there are many tea plantations located here.

This shot is from the Cameron Valley Tea Room which overlooks the rolling hillocks with the tea gardens. This was a surreal experience while enjoying this great view with a nice hot cup of tea while hanging out with a few friends. The owners of the estate were around as well and took some time out to sit with us and give us a brief history of their tea gardens.

Will you ever get bored of this view? I know I won't, can't wait to begin travelling again after this pandemic ends. Hope you guys like this click.

I invite @crisch23 @carxavi @sacra97 to share some images if their cities or of their travels.



I was fascinated by this scene. It was really beautiful.

Así mismo es quedarnos en casa

The beauty of space that you captured with your photography is incredible. A beautiful place with a lot of harmony, balance and the best green I have ever seen. I will try to share some space, for me it is the beach, the sea.

I have it very close but the pandemic means that it does not come out much.

Very kind for the invitation.

Without a doubt a beautiful place.@adityageorge

Es increíble la hermosura de espacio que atrapaste con tu fotografía. Un lugar hermoso y con mucha armonía, balance y el mejor verde que haya visto.

Tratare de compartir algún espacio, para mi es la playa, el mar. Lo tengo muy cerca pero la pandemia hace que no salga mucho.

Muy amable por la invitación.

Sin lugar a dudas un hermoso lugar