The Diary game 25-06-2021 Today I washed all the covers of the wedding hall chairs

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In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. I greet all the people and brothers of this community with love and affection and from the bottom of my heart. I said that all my friends will be fine with the grace of Allah Almighty. I want to tell you that I woke up early in the morning. I went to the mosque and performed ablution. After performing Wudhu, I offered Fajr prayers. After praying in the mosque, I went inside. There I recited the Qur'an. When I finished reciting the Qur'an, I returned to my home.
I changed my shoes and then I went for a morning walk. I used to take morning walks for some time. When I took a walk then I came back to my house. When I got home I drank a glass of water. I went to the bathroom and after taking a bath I changed my clothes. Then I had breakfast. Then I grabbed my motorcycle and headed towards the wedding hall. When I arrived at the wedding hall, I remembered that today I have to work hard to wash the clothes on the chairs
Then I called my employee. Come on, today we have to wash the clothes on the chairs. After a while my employee came. Then he called Labor. Some scholars came and removed the cloth from the top of some of them. Then began to wash them. I want to tell you how bad they are and then how they are washed. Let me now tell you this story in its entirety. When I built my wedding hall in the market. I went to the market and from there I bought the clothes on it, that is, the clothes on the chairs
You brothers must know this too. When we go to a wedding. So there are very beautiful clothes on the table. You will notice that there are two or three weddings in the wedding hall at a time. There are clean clothes on top of it whenever you look. In the same way, the people in the wedding hall have already cleaned it. So in this way I will also clean and put your first clothes in the wedding hall. Tables are set first

Then clothes are laid on top of it. When this work is completed. Then people are told, "Brother John, we have finished our work. Now when your guests come, they will sit on it." Thus keeping clean clothes present in the wedding hall enhances the honor of the wedding hall. You may have gone to the wedding hall too. In this wedding hall you will find clean clothes. So they clean up the way I want to tell you. When people get married and leave. So those clothes are immediately removed from the top of the chairs

Then it is collected in one place. Then the next day Labor is called back to the wedding hall. And they are told to clean the clothes. They clean something like the way I will show you in the pictures. First come close to the machine carrying clothes. Then they start the machine. And pour water inside it, after pouring water, then put surf inside it. When these two things are resolved in a good way. Then clothes are put inside it. The machine runs for a while. When the cycle is complete then the bell inside the machine rings. The machine is turned off and the clothes are taken out

Then the laborer cleans it with water in a good way. After cleaning it is then taught in the sun. Now dry completely. Then it is placed in a clean place. Then no order comes into the wedding hall. So then they are given back on top of the loans. Let me tell you later when this work was done in a good way. So I told my employee that today you have to wash clean too. So one of my employees brought clean from inside. Lay it out in the grassy plot. Then one day he put a surf inside you and started shaking it
Then he laid it on top of the claim. When it seemed completely over the top. The brush is hit on top of it. After hitting the brush, it is well watered. When it is completely clean. Then it is laid out to teach in the sun. When it dries completely. Then it is placed in a clean place. Doing so makes the wedding hall much more famous in terms of business. And most people like cleaning very much. Doing so also enhances the honor of the owner of the wedding hall. After doing all this, I grabbed my bike and came back to my house

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