The Diary game 08/07/2021 My walk today became my diary

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Hello my dear friends, when I went out for a walk this morning, the weather was very pleasant and it was getting cold, so I saw a garden with some plants and gardens. There is a cool breeze near the lush green fields and a cool breeze near the orchards. There were some guava trees and some malt trees. The branches of the tree were hanging down and the branches of the tree were green and looked very beautiful
When the trees bear fruit, they look very beautiful and when the flowers are ripe, they look even more beautiful. There are lush gardens and green fields in our area, so our area is included in our prosperous area. There are all kinds of vegetables and fruits in the area. Some flowers are not in our area which are the fruits of the cold area.
Then I walked over to her Mickey and when I saw Mickey she was looking green lush beautiful. Then I checked her skin. After checking I unveiled it. I separated the peel from the Mickey plant. I've been confirming this for a while. And see how many grains are on top of it. Also how many lines are above the peel. So I kept accounting for it for a while but it was not being accounted for in a good way. I took a pencil out of my pocket and put numbers on it
You first have to go to check the corn crop. Then you have to come back. When you come back, we will all go to meet the farmers together. I sat there for a while and after a while I grabbed my bike and went to meet the landlords. First I went to a farmer. I greeted him and then I sat there for a while. I already knew she knew I had to come for her corn chuck. When I reached him, first I greeted him and then he brought water from home. The farmer brother and I both drank it together then I told him that now I am going to check your Mickey

My brothers who do this have a higher Mickey average every year. When I finished this work and came back to my office. When I reached the office, my officers were sitting in front. They started asking me if you had done your job. So I replied, "Yes, I have finished my work." Then he told me that now we have to go for a meeting with the farmers. I got ready to go with him. Then after a while we all reached the farmers together. There we called the farmer's big landlord and gathered at his camp. He sent a man to gather all the people of the village

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