The Diary game 08-06-2021 Today I will tell you about many things that are made from cement

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In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. I will tell you brothers today that I saw handmade things today. What most of you brothers have seen and what most people have seen is just seen. These things are very important for our needs in life. About them I will tell you brothers today what things I saw today and how I went to him. Let me start by waking up early in the morning. After waking up I went Muslim. I went there and performed ablution. After performing ablution, I prayed. When I prayed, then the thought came to my mind that today, friend, recite the Holy Quran. Then I went to the inside of the mosque. I sat there and recited the Koran. Then I prayed. After praying, I came out of the mosque. Then I went for a walk and I started walking there. After walking, I came back to my house
When I got home, I stayed for a while and kept breathing. Then I grabbed the towel and went to the bathroom to take a shower. When I finished taking a shower, I changed my clothes. Then I told my family that if breakfast is ready, then you give it to me, they said that today is ready. You sit down we make you breakfast. So I sat on the bed and my family brought me breakfast. After breakfast I had breakfast where I told my family. I've had breakfast. Now pick up the dishes. So my family picked up the dishes and I washed my hands

Then I grabbed my bike and headed to work. I was on my way to work when I saw handmade things on the way. So I stopped my bike and went to look at these things. The first thing I saw was a pit he had dug in which there was water. You may have dug similar pits and seen the place but it was a small pit. Why didn't he have gravel?

When the widows use the electricity and water to make things, they sit near the stand. First they mix the cement to make cement. Then they put different types of sachets in which they put this cement. And put a little bit of water on it and press it. Once pressed it takes shape. The first thing I saw there was handmade cement bricks
First they make the bricks by hand, then they leave them to be happy for two or three days .When they are happy in a good way, then they lift them off the ground and stand Do. When it dries well. Then it is combined with a sequence on which is collected in very large piles. Now that Phil is ready, it is put up for sale. So people come from far away, come and see it, then ask for its rate, then buy it and take it away. People also put it on their roofs and on the floor.
Then I went ahead and they made nets. Seeing them, I began to salute their art. It was so big that even the lattice was made by hand. They are used in different places. Some people buy them and take them away when they make chicken coops etc. So they use this lattice for air. Most people take them to their roofs for designing houses. These nets are used a lot. You may have seen it in many places. The mechanic puts it on top of the pillar in a very orderly manner
Next to it I see small decks. This you will often see attached to the drains. Next to it is a small pamper. These are made for use by institutions in G. Landlords come and buy it. Then they put it in their boat and pile it up. The advantage of this is that whenever there is watering. So it is replaced by lifting by hand. Then I went a little further and then I saw very large pipes. There were some that you would have seen these pipes laid in most places

You must have passed over these pipes. These prizes are often used in drains. When water passes from here, people put it under this drain. Then we put mud on it. After pouring mud, we start passing on it again. Then I went a little further and then I saw designing handmade tiles. I began to look at the dunes I had seen before

. But I didn't see the place but today I saw that place too. You will often see it on large buildings. These are used for beauty. That's how I saw everything and then I went to work


Your diary game is very nice and informative. Nice and good post.

Very good diary game

Good work dear brother

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