The Diary game 01.07.2021 Today I went to the electric motor shop

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Peace be unto you! Today I want to tell you brothers that today I went to an area where there were a lot of motors. So after I visited there I went to my shopping so I want to tell you about what I bought there. Let me tell you how I got to this place. I woke up early in the morning and went to the mosque .I went there and performed ablutions. After performing ablutions, I offered the Fajr prayer and then I recited the Qur'an .When I finished reciting the Qur'an Then I went for a morning walk.


While walking in the morning, I saw a very lovely scene, saw a green crop and also saw a cool breeze blowing in the morning. When I finished my morning walk, I returned to my home. If I change clothes after taking a bath .Then I have breakfast. Then I grabbed the bike and you headed towards the wedding hall. As soon as I reached the wedding hall, I sat there for a while and then after a while a friend of mine came and told me that today we both have to go to the market to buy a car.


I told my friend that I also have to go there to buy it. I will check it first. You buy a car. I will go later. I will buy a car and bring it. Then we both went on this trip. Departed. When we arrived at the shop from which we had to take the motor. Going there we greeted the vendors. Then I said to the brothers, "Brother John, show us a high-end motor." So the shopkeeper told me that all these motors are in front of you and we will show you what you like.



So I went to the electric motor and there I was watching them with great attention. Some of them were big and some were small. Let me inform you brothers that I have seen a motor before. This motor is used for landlords and not for big factories. My friend also wanted to buy this motor just to irrigate his crop. Then I went a little further and when I went further I saw that there were different types of motors of different designs.


Then I went a little further and then I saw in the closet that there was a fan and some bearings were also lying there. I started looking at them and the idea came to my mind that this is it. Which are used inside motors. Then I looked at the batteries lying there and there were batteries of different companies. Some of them were small and some were big. It was kept by him for use in tractors and in homes. It is often seen that people also use them for solar systems.


Then I went a little further and there I saw a man opening the motor. So I went to him and stood up and asked him what happened to Brother John's motor. He told me that this motor has broken down. So I asked them how the motor was damaged. So he told me that the electricity was working so he turned it off. This motor has broken down due to power outage. So I'm checking to see if it's a little bad on the inside or if it's completely bad.

Then I went ahead and there was a big motor lying ahead. I had seen this motor at the store before. It was a very large motor. You have often seen that when this motor runs, it also runs big machines. This motor is also used in large factories. Its power is very high, it needs the fastest power to run, it does not run with low power. Then we chose a motorbike and bought it. After buying it we put it in our car. Then we started coming back to our house.


It was twelve o'clock and we had to eat. I was hungry too. So we parked our car towards a hotel. He got in the car and went there and said to the hoteliers, "Brother John, give us bread and curry." So the hoteliers gave us meat curry and bread. My friend and I sat at a table. And we both ate together. After dinner we gave money to the hoteliers. Let me tell you which hotel we ate at. This hotel was very cute and beautiful. The special thing about this hotel is that it was clean, open and airy. You will see that this hotel table is also very beautiful. On top of which the guests sit and eat. Then my friend and I returned to our house.


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