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Hello friends, hope you will be fine. I was famous in my life for a long time because I had a lot of work and I had my own wedding.
For this reason, I could not see my group.
So I am free now and I am with you guys, so you work hard so that you can get the best support.

This Week Contest

So let's start this week, a lot of friends have a very good posting. I am very happy that they are doing their work in a good way and with hard work. So I am surprised to see that a lot of people are coming to our group and putting up their own posters and they are also being given their record so that they can work harder and get better than Rewards.
So let's start the cutoff this week, this week's topic will be our favorite photography. This photography is just and only Will be beautiful .

You will get reward (Prize Steem)

  • Your posts will be looked at and there will be 2 judges who will select good posts and they will be reward in steem coins.

  • You will get only the prize but you will not get support from booming Team.

  • And you won't accept any kind of thing .

1st Reward Is 3 Steem

2nd is 2 Steem

3rd is 1 Steem


  • Dirty Photos Not Allowed

  • No dirty pictures of the area,

  • And only eight pictures should be put

  • Write at least 300 alphas

  • Nothing is copy paste

  • Apart from this, to some Tags that you must mentions If you do not mention them, you will not get support.

  • photographyweek-1

  • steemlifes

  • steemexclusive




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Sir can you mention please photography about what, like flowers or other things?

Can yOu please Tell us photography type??

Thank you so much for making intresting contest i like it and i will participate it.

This contest is really good for all the members of the community and sir plz mention about the photography of this week contest.

thank u so much mister Abdulqayoom

Thanks for giving us an other golden chance to express our skills.

this is an amazingly good contest ,, I will enter this contest and invite my friends to follow it ,, Thank you ...

good contest I am very interested to take part in it.

Good to see you here again @abdulqayyum85957.1st of all I congratulate you for starting a new married life.may you live happy live.
And other way we all members of this community take part of this contest.

This is very interesting contest. This would give us a chance to look the charming things in form of photography

Thanks to community admin for one more contest in community. I hope all the members will participates in this contest.

I am happy to participate in the photography contest

Thank you sir we have been waiting for your contest for many days. May Allah Tala make your married life happy to you and your family.Ameen

My Submition for the contest

Very nice

Congratulation on your new journey of married life

Congratulation on your new journey of married life

Very nice post and beautiful

Hello brother. Hopefully, you will be good and happy. Thanks for holding such an amazing contest. Here is my participation in this contest.

Hope not out!

Looking forward to the result of this contest. 😏😏 Dear admin @abdulqayyum95857

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