Now you all can easily delegate and withdraw your support in Helpageindia

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It's about more than 2months since we are working together. We are thankful to every writer for keeping trust in us. Today I welcome all the delegators.

By using the link now, you can delegate to @helpageindia. I shared the link, you just choose the steem amount you like to delegate and click the option accordingly. I would also like to request @sttemcuarator01 please help our community grow with your support.

Anyone can easily delegate through the option. Delegation amount starts from50sp but there are no limitations you can delegate as much as you can above 50sp.

If you have any delegation-related questions please feel free to write in the comment section.

Follow AND Delegate to grow our community strength

Please help us to build a strong community. We need your support to do better work in the future.

I am adding the link from where you can also easily withdraw your delegation

 2 months ago 

as soon as i will delegate my steem power. thanks for share this information cause it's really helpful for our community.