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Hello guys,
How are you?
After a very long period I just come back to my favourite blogging platform steemit. I have a plan to start a basic tutorial on computer programming language "ANSI C". Actually, "C" is the most popular & easy to learn, more efficient & fast, high-level computer programming language. If you learn "C" very well then you can do learn any programming language within one month. So, it's called "C" language is the base of all programming language.

What is "C" ?
"C" is the next & modified version of programming language "B". What is "B" ? "B" means "BCPL(Basic Combined Programming Language)" which was developed at Cambridge University in the year of 1960. Later in the year of 1972, "B" was heavily modified by Dennis Ritchie (a computer scientist worked at Bell Laboratories). Dennis Ritchie renamed this modified version of "B" to "C".

Unlike many other languages "C" is completely machine independent; it means if you write a program in C for one computer, it'll be run on another computer on different OS(operating system) without any modification. "C" is not object-oriented language like "C++" is. It's called Procedural Oriented language. Actually, any program written in C is basically a set of functions which are defined in C library.

What are we learning here?

C Data Types, Variables & Constants, Keywords & Identifiers

C Operators & Expressions

Management of Input/Output (I/O) Operators

Decision Making & Structuring

Decision Making & Looping

Functions Handling

One-dimensional , Two-dimensional & Multi-dimensional Arrays

Character Strings Handling


File Handling & Operations

Structures & Unions

Dynamic Memory Allocation

Preprocessor & Header Files

An Example of C Program
Here I show you a simple program written in C language. In this program it calculates the sum of two integer numbers & show the result on the computer screen:

/* Sample Program Written in ANSI C */
/* This program shows how to calculate summation of two integer numbers & show the result on the screen*/
/* Written by @royalmacro */

#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>

void main()
int number1, number2, sum; /*variable deceleration*/
clrscr(); /*Clear the whole screen*/
printf("Enter Number-1: ");
scanf("%d",&number1); /*number input*/
printf("Enter Number-2: ");
scanf("%d",&number2); /*number input*/
sum=number1+number2; /*calculat summation*/
printf("%d is the summation of %d & %d",sum,number1,number2);
getch(); /*wait until hit a key*/

After compiling & running this program it shows like below:
Sample Window-

Enter Number-1: 67
Enter Number-2: 33
100 is the summation of 67 & 33

sample c program

Where I'll get C compiler ?
There many C compilers available, one of them "Turbo C++ version 3" is most popular. To get this compiler for Windows 7/8/10 (for both 32-bit & 64-bit operating system) check this following website. It's absolutely free.

Download Turbo C++ for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 (32-64 bit) with full/window screen mode and many more extra feature.

If you do not want to download you can try online C compiler on tutorialspoint.

Compile and Execute C Online

In the next episode we'll discuss about "C Data Types, Variables & Constants, Keywords & Identifiers"

[To be continued...]

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Great to see your first post here @royalmacro we hope we will regularly get you in touch. Best wishes.

Thank you, I wish to continue my tutorial on C language :)

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Informative post

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Thank you @royalmacro for sharing a very helpful post. Stay blessed brother and ♥️😊

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You are most welcome my dear bro

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Thank you for sharing @royalmacro

thanks I hope you will try to learn C.

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@royalmacro Thank you for sharing this information. Welcome 🙏.

so many thanks. I hope you'll enjoy to learn C programming language.

hello dear friend @royalmacro good day
What joy it gave me to see your post. Congratulations on the great work you do and what you have in mind in these system courses. I really appreciate the great work
Welcome and many successes
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oh! jlufer, friend, it was a very long time before we meet again :)
How are you ?

All good dear friend, always here, what a joy to read to you.
worried about the things that are happening in your country in terms of covic 19
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yeah, COVID is the only dangerous issue now-a-days. I have now some lazy time, so, I've decided to run a free online course on programming language C. My last post was published almost 2 years ago. Are you blogging regularly now ?

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I think it's a programming related post even though I don't understand programming. However, I think this post will be very important for those who are interested in learning programming. Thank you for sharing your valuable post .

Yeah, it's the introductory post of learning C. C is a computer programming language. I wish to post 100+ episodes of tutorial here. Please, try to learn. It's very interesting :)

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ok gentleman i will try to seen all episode. well wish and go ahead.

thank you for the shering and thank you also for your support for my post @royalmacro

your photography of beetle is very good in quality. So, I casted 20% upvote from my curation trail "curators" (@curators, @royalmacro, @photoman).

Enjoy blogging:)

Thank you for your support..

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Though I am not accustomed with this language, but thanks for this learning program.. will follow and try to learn.

Learning C is very easy. Thanks for showing interest :)