Compulsion and Willingness in the journey called Life

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Yesterday I was discussing with one of my very close friends about the things we generally do in our journey of life. There are some out of willingness and some out of compulsion.

Now, what are the things we do in willingness and compulsion? It varies from person to person.

When I was a child playing for the whole day was the willingness and to study was a compulsion, but for some children, it was vice versa.

When I grew up a little bit, in studies, doing Mathematics, reading English, Bengali was the willingness and studying History, Geography, Chemistry, Physics were compulsion.

Might be it was just reverse for many of my friends.


Likewise, being unmarried for lifelong may be the willingness of many people but the force from outside becomes a compulsion of some. It may change to the opposite for some people due to various reasons.

In some social incidences, you will feel the compulsion of attending some events, where willingly you would not attend.

Wearing different dresses on different occasions also driven by compulsion and willingness. For example, wearing formal dresses in attending official occasion becomes a compulsion, though you are not willingly wearing those dresses.

In family life also people do many things out of compulsion rather than willingness.

In professional life also these two states of mind work simultaneously. Suppose your senior has asked you to do certain things which you are not willing to do, but on compulsion, you have to do, for saving your professional career. For some individuals, it is their willingness to do these directives.


In my professional career, I have faced many times such situations.

In this pandemic COVID situation your compulsion to stay home for restriction prevailing though you are not willingly doing it.


In natural calamities and disasters, you are compelled to stay in a place which is safe as suggested by authorities though sometimes you ate not willingly staying there.

In certain diseases so many things, a person has to do in compulsion rather than willingness like food habits, taking medicines, changing personal living style, incorporating new things in daily routine, changing social structure, etc., etc.

In old age also, when things are not in your hand, you are compelled to do certain things which willingly you would not do. Like taking help of others while walking, doing daily routines, or even eating and sleeping.

So, I feel, compulsions are also part of life which are to be accepted like the willingness.

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What do you feel my friends?

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Well described @lother68 about the difference of compulsion and willingness. Keep up the good work 👍😊

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Thanks for your compliment

Yes. That's true. Most thing we have to do with compulsion. Well explained. Thanks for sharing.

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@lother68 বাধ্যতামূলক কাজে কোনো আনন্দ নেই ঠিকই কিন্তু জীবনের বেশিরভাগ ক্ষেত্রেই আমাদের বাধ্য হয়ে অনেক কাজ করতে হয়।আপনি খুব সুন্দর ভাবে ব্যাখ্যা করেছেন ইচ্ছাকৃত কাজ আর বাধ্যতামূলক কাজের পার্থক্য গুলো। খুব সুন্দর লিখেছেন।

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Awesome phography with great content .

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