Weather demand

in Helpage Indialast month

Today I see that the temperature is much lower than other days. Although I thought that the temperature will increase now because the temperature had risen a few days ago, but today I see that the temperature has dropped even more than before. Suddenly I do not understand such a change in nature.I hear it happens sometimes and that's why I took it so naturally.

Since it is very cold outside today, I don't want to go out to the office because I don't feel good and I'm trying to keep myself busy at home because I will cook Rupchanda fish after a long day because I bought it from the market last evening i came.Although I was supposed to cook the fish a few days later, I thought I would see the people around us on a closed day and we would all have a picnic and eat the fish, but today's environment is such that I am compelled cooked.
Today I suddenly decided that today I will fry Rupchanda fish and cook khichuri with it. I think on a cold and foggy day like this, my food will suit the morning environment no matter what I think I did the job according to that thought and left the rest of the fish because we have a picnic with our neighbors for the next day.