Insects : The young Spider Animal of the Phylum Arthropoda

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"Spider Animal ".

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**Galaxy M20**

Spider Animal


It is a kind of animal. The animals of this species are insects. Animals of this species are seen in different sizes and in different colors depending on the species.

These species of animals are called spiders. These spider species are usually arthropods. There are innumerable animals of this spider species.

Although they look different, depending on the species, they tend to be different in nature. Which of these spider species is domesticated, they move around in all kinds of habitats.

Again some species become jumping spiders, who jump and go elsewhere. Again there are some species that weave nets, etc. There are many more species like this.

Through this net, they hunt and eat any of their animals, even if it is a kind of their special gun. There are some species of spiders that grow very large and can prey on large animals such as cockroaches and lizards.

Spider are basically invertebrates of prey. Spider animals have 8 articulated legs. In addition, their body is divided into two parts, the head and the torso.

Spiders again form the head-chest. Spiders also have a pair of venomous glands, so their bites become poisonous. However, not all species of spider bites are poisonous.

And spiders usually bite when they are threatened by an animal in front of them. Spiders are one of the most common terrestrial animals.



I like how you were able to zoom in and capture all the details clearly

Thank you.

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