I had cooked delicious gourd recipe

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"I had cooked delicious gourd recipe".


This is gourd's recipe. I made a ton of delicious gourds with small shrimps in a simple way tonight. It takes a great test to eat gourd with small shrimp. gourd to eat a beautiful vegetable. Good for the body.


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First I take a gourd and cut it in the middle with a fork and put it in a pot. Then I cut 3-4 raw chillies and wash them well with water.

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Then I cut some small shrimps, washed them well with water and kept them clean. Then I put a pan on the stove and fry the shrimps in oil with light heat.

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Then I put mustard oil in the pan and cut gourd in it. Then I add salt and turmeric and add the fried prawns. Then I mixed everything upside down. Then I cover it with a pot of water for a while so that the curry becomes thick. Then when it's cooked I turn off the stove. It takes a great taste to eat gourd's curry with shrimp.


1. 1 gourd.

2. Small shrimp.

3. Raw chilli.

4. Salt.

5. Turmeric.

6. Mustard oil.


 11 months ago 

This is not called gourd, actual name is bottle gourd.

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