Steem CB - Cultural Photography Contest | Share a photo that represents your culture by @janemorane

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Hello Beautiful people!

Today i am back with another very exciting and interesting contest for the Entire steemit family. This contest is going to be awesome because in this contest we will be able to see different cultures of different places and I really love the different cultures cloths, dishes and festivals and I hope you will come up with some very amazing entries for sure.

Now Lets Come To The Contest Rules And Regulations!


  • Only one photo per person is accepted.
  • Your post must be original (Use your own photo)
  • Any photo from internet will not be considered.
  • A small description to your photo will be great.
  • Any Language is welcome.
  • Invite at least 3 of your friends to the contest.
  • Leave a link to your participation in the comments of this post.
  • Resteem the contest post.
  • Your post must be published in steem Culture&Beauty.
  • Subscribe Steem Culture&Beauty Community.
  • Add tags  #Steemit-cb #cultural-photography, #contest and #steemexclusive in your contest posts.
  • Do tag me in your posts @janemorane so that i can easily find your post.

Small Tip For The Contest

I am not restricting you in this contest. Your photo can be anything like, a person wearing some cultural cloths , a place where you celebrate your cultural festivals, a building representing your culture, a cultural or traditional dish photo or some art piece related to your culture or anything that represents your culture in beautiful way.

Prize Pool

The contest is sponsored by @azizulhassan and I am thankful for this and we hope to get more sponsors in the future.

1st Place -  10 Steem
2nd place- 5 Steem
3rd Place - 3 Steem
4th Place - 2 Steem
5th Place - 2 Steem
6th Place - 1 Steem

2 Surprise Winners

1 steem each.

Contest Validity

The contest is valid till the payout of this post which is 6th May 2021.

We invite entire steemit family to come and join us , and share the culture and Beauty . We would love to support each and every original content .

Special Mentions to @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 to get their support. I invite to my contest and give their kind support to us.




Wow I'm so glad to see that you have opened a new community.
Best of luck 👍

Well this is not my community but yes I have organised this contest and I hope that you will leave your entry soon..

Sure I will participate

wonderful loved the idea of this contest i will take part in it for sure

Waiting for your entry ❤️

Great idea to promote culture of the world , Best of Luck for arrangements of the contest..

Thank you so much for appreciation, I always try to find ways in which I can explore the beauty of different people and their cultures..

Nice contest , Upvoted and resteemed , I will surely participate in it , and will be inviting my friends to join and participates in this contest

Stay Blessed .

Thank you sir ,I know your entry would be great.👍
I am waiting for your entry sir 😊

Please see my entry ....

Sounds great! I will surely participate InshaAllah!

Waiting for your entry!

Again #jane you come up with an interesting idea of your contest

Thanks! I would love to see your Entry.

Well, I think this is great initiative with different kind of culture.

Yes friend!
I am desperately waiting for your entry..

Nice topic, I will try my best :)

Girl I am sure you will come up with amazing entry

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